Hellfest 2013: The Bands I Saw... And It Was Worth It !

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Okay guys, Hellfest 2013 was awesome, and it's time to share with you the whole bands I saw during these 3 days of full Metal music...
Ordered by my preference, I will add my comment on each about my feelings (good or bad... but mostly f*cking good). Horns up and don't hesitate to share with me what you think of the band I mention or which you think I shouldn't have missed ! (I know, I didn't go to Primordial.... but too many band to see, despite the lack of "big ones" on the top of the bill, compare to 2011 for example) - Ah, and I hope that my English is not so bad

Created by: moXmo | 11.08.2013

1. Twisted Sister
For me, the best show I had the chance to see during these 3 days ! I was not an ultimate fan of TS, but 2 things made this concert so memorable in my opinion: First of all, there are to many hymns !!!! You can't go to a TS concert and pretend to know anything from them... And the band knows it, and make you sing those hymns until you can't use your voice anymore ! And secondly, this famous man, Dee, he has such a presence and aura on stage, when he sings, talks, makes jokes, moves, so that everything he tells you to make you move, you do it !
2. Avantasia
For their first concert in France. Avantasia showed us what a real show should be like. 12 people playing together, from 4 to 8 guest vocalists of great talent, from Biff Byford to Eric Martin, Bob Catley, and also with Tobias Sammet, who surprised me with all the energy he gave from his entry on stage to the end of the concert. (Concert which carry on 50 minutes more than the shedulded time, despite the many warnings from the Hellfest crew, that seemed to piss off Tobias). And then we have the show, the songs, and everything that go with it; the whole set is really powerful live, and the different musicians are really here to have fun. And most of all, the great Tobias is completely enjoying his show, talking to the public between each song, laughing, making joke with the other members... I will always remember Avantasia as one of the greatest show I have ever seen !
3. Vektor
Here was my first war machine !!!! 3 years that I was waiting and they finally came here to play their first concert in Europe... And it was what I call a Thrash Metal concert ! Crazy riffs, speedy guitar solos, David Disanto's voice (Nothing to add^^) this young band made me feel like if I was in the 80's, discovering one of those crazy new Metal band, coming from "nowhere" and slashing our head with their really amazing thrash music. My head and heart almost explode when I heard the first note of Black Future, and with (almost) no alcohol in my veins, I nevertheless headbanged during these whole 40 minutes of show !
4. Helloween
1 hour of great show, 1 hour of great songs, 1 hour of Helloween ! And that's not the crowd which would say the opposite; About 30 000 people claping hands during "I Want Out", or singing together with Andi ! Because it was a real metal show, with amazing musicians, that gave everything, from Löble behind his drums to Andi Deris on the mic. I heard that he has not the power of Kai in his voice, but whatever, live, he is a real frontman ! (Sadly no encore with Kai as a guest to hear some f*cking Gamma Ray ^^). Regarding the tracklist, not a lot to say: I Want Out, Eagle Fly Free, If I could Fly, Straight Out Of Hell, Dr. Stein, Waiting For The Thunder, and so on... You can't take any break because you have no time for it: you are flooded with hits !! These 1 hour were like 10 minutes, and so it was: I saw Helloween live !
5. Ghost B.C.
Last show of the Hellfest, and I was waiting for it !! The band is really increasing its amount of fans, so that the show was moved to the main stage 2, and also took place instead of the Danzig's one, which finally occured in the afternoon. For my biggest pleasure ! After an intro with the disturbing "Eyes wide Shut"'s song, which put the show into his context, we had the chance to enjoy an almost 2 hours high quality show, with great musicians and frontman. (despite some technical problems at the end of the concert...) The band played almost all of its 2 albums, and there was nothing to throw away ! Ending with Monstrance Clock, you clearly realize that the show is ending up, but you don't care because you're happy after this great concert !
6. Kiss
Well, now I would be able to say that I saw Kiss at least once in my life, and as for Twisted Sister, it was really worth it ! An amazing 2 hours show, with talented musicians, and almost every best songs the band has released ! I was saying to myself that "They knew how to party in the 70's", while watching Paul Stanley flying above the crowd, and I also realized why this band was on the top of the list for the 2013 Hellfest ! If I had to pick up and watch only one concert from the Saturday, I would definitely have gone to Kiss ! The price to pay was that I missed both Candlemass and Immortal, but nevermind, it was too excellent !
7. Wintersun
Wow, what a band and what a show ! One of my big expectations for this Hellfest. And despite the bad balance during the crazy songs (such as Winter Madness), it was a dream to see the band live. It has been snowing for 1 hours into the 2013 Hellfest !
8. Symphony X
To have the opportunity to see a full band of extremely talented musicians, you have to go to a Symphony X concert ! Such a great pleasure to move my head during the full set of the (second :) ) best progressive metal band, in my opinion, and to sing some of their most famous hymns.
9. Rotting Christ
4 years that I was waiting to see them live, and finally the time had come !! They don't need to be communicative to give all their power to the crowd !
10. Marduk
Swedish Black Metal in your face ! Move your ass and Headbang like a pig ! Don't stop until they order you to do so !
11. Testament
Being in front of the scene for a Testament concert... Well I couldn't miss that ! Chuck and Alex are still so powerful live, playing with the crowd and making us move from the begining to the end. For a 50 minutes show we had the chance to listen to a big part of their discography and to their excellent last album... And it was awesome ! So Horns Up, and Go Into The Pit !
12. Spiritual Beggars
Can't wait to see them live again ! A complete set of their best songs, I didn't wanted them to stop their show, and I also definitely accepted their new singer.
13. Saxon
This band gave me the need to fill my lack of knowledge regarding pure "Heavy Metal"
14. Europe
They were a really huge crowd coming to see them perform on the main stage, and I understood why when the concert ended ! The Swedish guys had such a feeling on stage, and their 2013's show was as excellent as the 2009's one.
15. Accept
Ouh yeaaah Accept, even with the new frontman we still enjoy this band, and seeing them live is a great pleasure. Excellent musicians and concert. Regarding the song, well, it's Accept, so you can't stay here and don't move during 1 hour; you move your head and you sing !
16. Kreator
I didn't see any of the German thrash metal bands until Kreator, so it was an obligation to move to the main stage 2 and to enjoy the full show. And well, what could I say... With Kreator there's not a lot to say... A full show of the band is a full set of teutonic thrash songs in your face, a power that force you to use all of your strength to go on the battlefield, to finally drain all of your power to zero ! (And the last album is not an exception to that !)
17. Cryptopsy
TABERNACLE ! Some violence was excellent to bgin our last day at Hellfest ! I saw them one month before in Ireland, but did not really remember a lot of their Irish show (Ahem...)
18. Riverside
Having missed their France's concert, I had a second chance to see them live. A good concert, a bit short, especially because of the length of their songs, but the band's show gives us a break in the middle of all this Sunday's powerful concerts.
19. Týr
Despite what I thought, their songs were really powerful, and hearing thousand of people singing all together all of their hymns, espacially when it came to "Hold The Heathen Hammer High", well, you can do only one thing... Headbang as hell and hold this f*ucking hammer high !!!!!
20. ZZ Top
As for Kiss, we don't have a lot of opportunities to see this kind of band live at least once ! A good concert, but not my favourite.
21. Stille Volk
The band we began the Hellfest with ! Not 100% Metal but a full set of South of France's Folklore, which was for me, an excellent appetizer of what was coming on the first day !!
22. At The Gates
The legendary band, which is back since 2010, made a concert that was not so bad. When I think that some years ago I told me that I would never see this band live, well I have never been so wrong. As a lot of people, I came mostly for one album: Slaughter of the Soul ! And to tell the truth, beside the songs from THE album, it cames to my mind that this band was really known mostly for this album. The rest of the show was not so good, with a really bad balance, and with songs that were good, but not enough to headbang during 1 hour.
23. Whitesnake
Waiting for Helloween on the main stage 2, we had to hear to the full concert of the English Hard Rock band. And I really didn't enjoy the show, from the begining to the end... I saw that David Coverdale was not here for money, but to make people enjoy the show. But it was too long... And when it's too long, an encore is not here to make you happy :) Well I'm sure that I would have love the show in other circumstances.
24. Korpiklaani
Would have been great if we weren't circled and and knocked over by a teenager's crowd... I'm too old for this shit ! (Lol)
25. Ihsahn
One of my first deception... Didn't see the the full set, but I really prefer to hear him on CD. I would rather see Emperor :)
26. Misanthrope
It's maybe because I'm french and don't really enjoy french lyrics, but I found this show really awful and flat.... The only one from which I get away before it ends...
27. Bullet For My Valentine
Sometimes to be in front of a concert, you have to endure a full hour of noise... It's the second time that I have to, and it's really disturbing when it come to myself that this is one the band I most saw live...

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17.04.2014 - 22:23
I think there are some bands which are not made for festival and Misanthrope is one of them. It is a special band to approch because of the voice, the langage and the texts. A lot of people hate this band especially because of the singer and even Me, who love the band, I have to admit that sometimes his voice is too forced and becomes just... Comic.
Same thing for Ihsahn... To see absolutly alone, not in festival and not in festival with Warzone's crassous.

For Korpiklaani... The band locked themselve in an image of happy little boozers and they will never do something else... Add to this the fact the band played in France with a crowd of "pagan-wannabe" posers having 15 y-o and I'm not surprised to know this concert was shit.

Twisted Sister NAJ. Bui.
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17.04.2014 - 23:01
Account deleted
Nice idea. I might do something similar at the end of the year when I have all my festivals out the way.
19.04.2014 - 15:33
Written by Achille on 17.04.2014 at 22:23

I think there are some bands which are not made for festival and Misanthrope is one of them. It is a special band to approch because of the voice, the langage and the texts. A lot of people hate this band especially because of the singer and even Me, who love the band, I have to admit that sometimes his voice is too forced and becomes just... Comic.
Same thing for Ihsahn... To see absolutly alone, not in festival and not in festival with Warzone's crassous.

I understand ! That's too bad when a band - as you told me - propose such great lyrics... Same for Ihsahn...
PRUI ! La Warzone !!!
19.04.2014 - 15:37
Written by Guest on 17.04.2014 at 23:01

Nice idea. I might do something similar at the end of the year when I have all my festivals out the way.

Yeah, I tought that it was a good thing to do, a way of doing live reports, things that I didn't see a lot on MS...
I will be waiting to read your's after Hellfest 2014

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