Bullet For My Valentine

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Also known as Jeff Killed John ('98-'03)

Country: United Kingdom
Label: Search And Destroy / Spinefarm Records

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Formed in: 1998

1998- Melodic metalcore


1998-  Matthew "Matt" Tuck - vocals, guitars
1998-  Michael "Padge" Paget - guitars, backing vocals
2015-  Jamie Mathias - bass, vocals
2017-  Jason Bowld - drums
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1998-2003  Nick Crandle - bass
1998-2016  Michael "Moose" Thomas - drums
2003-2015  Jason "Jay" James - bass, backing vocals
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2010  Calvin Roffey - bass
2008  Benji Webbe - vocals

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Metalcore of this variety is something that sounds pretty decent in theory, but seems to only produce crap. Let's be honest with ourselves - bands like Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold are to metal what McDonalds is to food; cheap, easily marketed,...   Review by Doc G. ››

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