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Favorites of 2009

1. Katatonia - Night Is The New Day
2. Be'lakor - Stone's Reach
3. Insomnium - Across The Dark
4. Riverside - Anno Domini High Definition
5. Ghost Brigade - Isolation Songs

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Created by b0000mst1ck on 24.11.2011

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2011: Favourite To Least

Purely subjective list based on personal preferences for the year, unrelated to mass opinion of an album or a band's abilities (e.g. Trivium, Oranssi Pazuzu) - many albums lined up to listen to so will increase in size. Also, not entirely in order, middle order mainly just an approximation.

1. Sylosis - Edge Of The Earth
2. Protest The Hero - Scurrilous
3. Infestus - E x I s t
4. Amorphis - The Beginning Of Times
5. Ouroboros - Glorification Of A Myth

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Created by musclassia on 18.11.2011

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Countdown To Extinction (Best To Worst Megadeth Albums)

1. Megadeth - Rust In Peace
2. Megadeth - Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?
3. Megadeth - So Far, So Good... So What?
4. Megadeth - Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good!
5. Megadeth - Countdown To Extinction

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Created by Veil of Maya on 14.11.2011

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Vonpire's 2002 Best

1. Trail Of Tears - A New Dimension Of Might
2. Agalloch - The Mantle
3. Sirenia - At Sixes And Sevens
4. Lacuna Coil - Comalies
5. Draconian - Dark Oceans We Cry

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Created by Vonpire on 14.11.2011

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Top 20 Albums

Limited to one album for each band.

1. Kreator - Coma Of Souls
2. Vader - Litany
3. Blind Guardian - Imaginations From The Other Side
4. Apocalyptica - Reflections
5. Megadeth - Rust In Peace

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Created by TerrorZone on 11.11.2011

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1. Persefone - Truth Inside The Shades
2. Slumber - Fallout
3. Ayreon - The Human Equation
4. My Dying Bride - Songs Of Darkness, Words Of Light
5. Haggard - Eppur Si Muove

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Created by buber on 01.11.2011

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Anno Domini 2011 (updated 20.01.13)

Even in 2012 (update: 2013), 2011 still isn't too hot a year for me. Still, new stuff keeps on coming, and 2012 itself is looking pretty good, so I'll forgive it. New in the new year is the lack of ratings. It's bothersome, especially since I've decided to sacrifice a few newborns and (retrospectively and retroactively) rate on RYM.

1. Hell - Human Remains
2. SubRosa - No Help For The Mighty Ones
3. Anubis Gate - Anubis Gate
4. Hammers of Misfortune - 17th Street
5. Mastodon - The Hunter

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Created by eponymous on 25.10.2011

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A Completely Incorrect Ranking of 2011 Albums

Ordered best to worst. This is entirely my opinion.

1. Insomnium - One For Sorrow
2. Graveyard - Hisingen Blues
3. Havok - Time Is Up
4. Toxic Holocaust - Conjure And Command
5. Deafheaven - Roads To Judah

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Created by Fade To Black on 24.10.2011

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Best To Worst: Anthrax

1. Among the Living
2. Sound of White Noise
3. Persistence of Time
4. We've Come for You All
5. State of Euphoria

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Created by ajohns1 on 24.10.2011

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Best Song Intros (my Opinion). Ever Changing List(version 1)

the intro to a song can send chills up your spine more than a horrow film. these are the best from a not so large music library based on personal opinion and how iconic the intro is to each song, no specific order.

1. one- metallica - ...and justice for all
2. addicted to vaginal skin- cannibal corpse - tomb of the mutilated
3. omerta- lamb of god - ashes of the wake
4. pulse of the maggots- slipknot - vol. 3: subliminal verses
5. back in black- ac/dc - back in black

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Created by die mutha fucka! on 20.10.2011

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My Top Ten Albums Released After 2000.

These are just my top ten favorite albums (metal-related) since 2000. These are my opinions, and my opinions only. Keep it Heavy \m/

1. Children Of Bodom - Follow The Reaper
2. Carnifex - Hell Chose Me
3. Suicide Silence - No Time To Bleed
4. Children Of Bodom - Blooddrunk
5. As Blood Runs Black - Allegiance

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Created by EvanF1RB7 on 18.10.2011

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TOP 2000

1. Haggard - Awaking The Centuries
2. Rhapsody Of Fire - Dawn Of Victory
3. Children Of Bodom - Follow The Reaper
4. Dark Moor - The Hall Of The Olden Dreams
5. Demons And Wizards - Demons And Wizards

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Created by Giok99 on 10.10.2011

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Moments In Metal

Here ill try and describe a list of musical moments, or sections of songs that can be the highlight of a song, album, or even a bands career. These are the parts that send a shiver down your spine, that are so epic, either by themselves or because of the way the fit into a song, that you want to just play them over and over. Of course, this only covers music i listen to alot so it'l mostly be progressive metal with some power or thrash thrown in. I tried to order them loosely in terms of quality but don't expect anything exact

1. Kamelot: The climax of "Memento Mori", super powerful, i consider this 30 secs or so the climax of kamelot's carrer
2. Pain of Salvation: the part about 5:55 into "the perfect element"
3. Dream Theater: the melody then buildup at the end of the instrumental part of in the presence of enemies part 2 that leads into the ending.
4. Suspyre: the last minute or so of "siren"
5. Orphaned Land: about 4:38 into "disciples of the sacred oath" (its really hard to describe what part of the song it is)

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Created by jhook on 02.10.2011

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Kreator Albums - Best To Worst

Kreator are one of the my favourite thrash metal bands.They have a lot of masterpieces in these genre and some experimental albums in which Kreator played some fresh music.Those albums are not regarded as being very good,but I like all of them and here is the list

1. Kreator - Extreme Aggression
2. Kreator - Coma Of Souls
3. Kreator - Violent Revolution
4. Kreator - Hordes Of Chaos
5. Kreator - Enemy Of God

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Created by eyeofthebeholder on 30.09.2011

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TOP 2001

1. Opeth - Blackwater Park
2. Gamma Ray - No World Order
3. Sonata Arctica - Silence
4. Falconer - Falconer
5. Avantasia - The Metal Opera Part I

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Created by Giok99 on 29.09.2011

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