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Favorite bands: Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rainbow (with Dio), Scorpions (Roth-era), Motörhead, Iron Maiden, Saxon, Iced Earth (early), Dir En Grey, Megadeth, Testament, Kreator, Overkill, Sepultura, Mercyful Fate, Celtic Frost, Bathory, Moonsorrow, Metsatöll, Meshuggah, Pantera, Nevermore, Liturgy, Cradle Of Filth, Emperor, Darkthrone, Burzum, Ulver, Death, Autopsy, Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Entombed, At The Gates (Alf-era), Impetigo, Napalm Death, Nuclear Death, Godflesh, Skepticism, Black Sheep Wall, Electric Wizard, Trouble, Reverend Bizarre, Type O Negative, The Gathering, The 3rd And The Mortal, Queensrÿche, Rush, King Crimson, Maudlin Of The Well, Kayo Dot, Boris, Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age, Swans, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Faith No More, Deftones, Misfits (with Danzig), Black Flag, Nine Inch Nails
Favorite album: Powerslave
Favorite song: see above
Favorite movies: Alien trilogy, anything Tarantino, Asian horror, Ghibli movies, 80's trash/b-cinema
Favorite books: -
Personal text: Been into Hard Rock/Metal since 2004 (was 13 at that time), first got into the classics and gradually also to more extreme stuff. I've collected both cd's and vinyl for that whole time, currently own about 1,400 physical albums. Besides these genres I'm also very much into Progressive/Psychedelic Rock and have a bit of interest in some Electronic music too.

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