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Kayo Dot


2003-  Toby Driver - bass, guitars, clarinet, keyboards, vocals
2012-  Ron Varod - guitars, keyboards
2019-  Leo Didkovsky - drums
2019-  Phillip Price - drums
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NA  Patrick Wolff - keyboards
NA  John Carchia - guitars, vocals
NA  Tom Malone - drums
NA  Ryan McGuire - bass
2003-2005  Sam Gutterman - drums
2003-2006  Nick Kyte - bass
2003-2006  Greg Massi - guitars
2003-2013  Mia Matsumiya - violin, keyboards, guitar
2003-2013  Terran Olson - woodwinds, keyboards
2008-2018  Daniel Means - woodwinds, guitar, keyboards, bass
2010-2018  Keith Abrams - drums, bass
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2013-  Tim Byrnes - trumpet, synthesizer, french horn
NA  David Bodie - drums, percussion
NA  Ron Varod - guitar, synthesizer
2013  Jason Byron - vocals

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How is it that even the most restrained of Kayo Dot's albums feels constantly out of reach?   Review by RaduP ››
"Leaving the world behind is the best experience most feeble minds fear to try."   Review by Introspekrieg ››

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