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Elvenking - Reader Of The Runes - Rapture

7.5 | 60 votes |
Release date: 28 April 2023
Style: Folk metal, Power metal


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01. Rapture
02. The Hanging Tree
03. Bride Of Night [feat. Heike Langhans]
04. Herdchant
05. The Cursed Cavalier
06. To The North
07. Covenant
08. Red Mist
09. Incantations
10. An Autumn Reverie
11. The Repentant

Damna - vocals
Lethien - violin
Aydan - guitars
HeadMatt - guitars
Symohn - drums
Jakob - bass

Guest musicians
Heike Langhans - vocals

Additional info
Mixed and mastered at Grindstone Studios, Suffolk, England.

Staff review by
Well paced, powerful and varied: yes, this is another spellbinding record from Elvenking.

published 29.04.2023 | Comments (3)

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22.12.2022 - 02:49
Rating: 7

More Elvenking is always a good thing, I’ve loved the last two albums
18.01.2023 - 22:34
Rating: 9

Hopefully it will be an improvement over the last one (nice album, but not as good as Secrets Of The Magick Grimoire).

EDIT: Very nice stuff, but they have done it better in the past.
28.04.2023 - 09:46
Rating: 7

I liked To The North and Incantations. Otherwise pretty generic.
28.04.2023 - 11:50
Bad English
Tage Westerlund
It was a while, hug, album starts strong whit strongest song maybe since ''Two Tragedy Poets (...And A Caravan Of Weird Figures)'', but then it lost a grip and getting weaker. OK album but seems I need re listen whole disco, but it wont happen so soon.
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28.04.2023 - 23:39
Rating: 8

I really like Elvenking and always have, they are quite unique to me in how they combine folk elements with power metal. but I must admit that I haven't really been listening to the last two albums, kinda fell off for some reason. But I am really enjoying this record so far!
30.04.2023 - 20:37
Rating: 7

Good album, really like An Autumn Reverie and Rapture
11.05.2023 - 19:33
Rating: 8

Pretty awesome record, I am however considering if cutting either "Red Mist" or "Incantations" wouldn't make it slightly better. Maybe both
12.05.2023 - 01:19
Rating: 8

There isn't much here I haven't heard before but that doesn't mean it isn't good.

It sounds plenty refreshing to me. I'm sure it all sounds the same to people who haven't listened to much Elvenking, and yeah it does, but this is another example of their versatility when it comes to album structure. They have always had good guitar parts but I usually don't think of shredding when I think of Elvenking and there is some serious shredding front and center on this album, I'm assuming partially thanks to their new guitarist. The overall guitarwork is great, as is the drumming. Something about Damna's voice sounded off on their last album but he sounds just as good as ever here. Some of the songwriting could have used a little work but it's solid. A few songs I started out not liking but they all won me over by the end, except maybe Covenant. At the very least this album is better than their previous one. I'm quite pleased.

Standout tracks for me were: The Cursed Cavalier, Herdchant, To The North, An Autumn Reverie, and The Repentant.
24.05.2023 - 17:35
Rating: 7
I think I need a few more listens for this to click, but I'm worried that it won't. I loved Secrets Of The Magick Grimoire, which is easily my favorite of theirs, but Divinations opened with a strength that gradually waned over the course of the album. I still think it's a great release, but it lacks the depth and memorable songwriting of its predecessor, and I still can't get it to make sense the same way. Rapture strikes me as just continuing that trend: a good opening, but too much treading water. Nothing reaches out to me as amazing, and more than that there are a lot of moments I find dull. Hopefully it'll grow on me as Elvenking in general has.
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