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The Vision Bleak


2000-  Schwadorf - guitars, bass, keyboards
2000-  Konstanz - drums, keyboards, vocals
2005  Tino - guitars
2007-2009  Thrawn Thelemnar - drums
2010-  Tino Platz - guitars
2010-  Marco Habermann - bass
2010-  Thomas Seiferlein - drums
2015-  Fursy Teyssier - bass
2004  Dame Pandora - vocals
2010  Niklas Kvarforth - vocals

Latest reviews

The Vision Bleak holds true as a title for this duo, who tell such Weird Tales of sorrowful blackened gothic misery.
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
The Vision Bleak with Deathship Has A New Captain and Carpathia – A Dramatic Poem were a small surprise for the gothic metal scene, some fresh air for the genre with glimpses of personallity, inspiration and filled with horror and lyricism atmosphere....
Review by KwonVerge ››
"The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey" is already the third album of The Vision Bleak, a really good and original band from Germany. With their genius mixing of melodic Death Metal and Gothic music this really atypical combo is more and more famous...
Review by Jeff ››

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