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X-Ray Rod
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From: Slovenia
Working on: News, event / tour stuff, concert reviews and articles, CC's
Likes: Attending anykind of concerts
Musical taste: Doom, stoner, sludge, post-metal, post-rock, grindcore
Latest discovery: Gaerea - Unsettling Whispers
Album picks: Clouds - Doliu
  Ephemeros - All Hail Corrosion
  Funeralium - Deceived Idealism
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Publications: Articles (68)  Reviews (1)  
Languages: Slovene, English
Member since: 21.05.2006 | Last seen online: 42d ago


From: Curitiba, Brazil
Working on: Modding, Largely retired reviews - Album and Concert, Review Proofing, Interviews, Drive By Forum Rants.
Likes: music, pale ale, IPAs, islay malts, making love at midnight in the dunes by the cape.
Hates: oh my. where to begin?
Musical taste: Metal-wise? Sludge, Black, Post, Doom.
Latest discovery: Mr. Plow
Album picks: Ulver - Nattens Madrigal - Aatte Hymne Til Ulven I Manden
  Glorification - Against All Adversity - A Hymn Of Demonic Victory
  TarLung - Architect
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Publications: Articles (38)  Reviews (264)  Interviews (4)  
Languages: foul
Personal text: Outside of metal, the suspect listens to some 80's and 90's punk, 80's wave, some ambient electronica and blues.

Has been known to review albums or gigs for tix, cd's, food, booze, "happy ending" massages, and, on occasion, "ABC" gum.

should be considered drunk and extremely disorderly.
Member since: 15.07.2004 | Last seen online: 4h ago


From: Hamburg, Germany
Working on: administration and development since 2021
Album picks: Slipknot - Iowa
  Sólstafir - Í Blóđi Og Anda
  Dødheimsgard - A Umbra Omega
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Publications: Articles (9)  Reviews (8)  Galleries (1)
Member since: 20.05.2008 | Last seen online: 8h ago


From: Tallinn, Estonia
Working on: Photography, reviewing, interviewing, reanimation and resurrection
Musical taste: melodic stuff, mostly prog, symphonic and gothic
Album picks: Long Distance Calling - Boundless
  Bullet Height - No Atonement
  Southern Empire - Southern Empire
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Publications: Articles (94)  Reviews (80)  Interviews (25)  Galleries (162)
Languages: Estonian, Russian, English
Member since: 01.06.2003 | Last seen online: 59m ago


From: London, United Kingdom
Working on: Reviews mainly
Likes: Movies, football, and really heavy atmospheric music
Hates: Retro-thrash and heavy metal
Musical taste: Prog, post-, stoner, black, but generally most sub-genres
Latest discovery: Mathan - Darkroot Tzantza
Album picks: LLNN - Unmaker
  Pothamus - Raya
  Pull Down The Sun - Of Valleys And Mountains
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Publications: Articles (109)  Reviews (358)  Interviews (2)  
Languages: English
Personal text: Bassist/vocalist in Vulgaris, and a writer/editor on here and IRL
Member since: 20.03.2011 | Last seen online: 9m ago


From: Athens, Greece
Working on: Forum moderating, reviews, clandestine cuts, little bits of everything else.
Likes: Nearly every sport, alcohol, dogs, music, travel.
Hates: Pretentiousness.
Musical taste: \m/
Latest discovery: Bergfried - Romantik I
Album picks: Satan - Earth Infernal
  Iron Griffin - Storm Of Magic
  Soen - Imperial
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Publications: Articles (88)  Reviews (252)  Interviews (6)  
Languages: Greek, English, French, Spanish
Member since: 15.08.2015 | Last seen online: 12h ago


From: Arad / Timisoara, Romania
Working on: Database, reviews, interviews
Likes: Getting home from work and wasting the entire rest of the day
Hates: fun
Musical taste: Black metal, doom metal, post-rock, prog rock, a lot of stuff
Latest discovery: Matt Elliott - Drinking Songs
Album picks: Agalloch - The Mantle
  Bad Brains - Bad Brains
  Tenacious D - The Pick Of Destiny
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Publications: Articles (154)  Reviews (646)  Interviews (63)  Galleries (21)
Languages: Romanian, English, a bit of French, a bit of German
Personal text: I wish I was better at managing my time and was less lazy so I could watch more movies and study more efficiently. My feet hurt at concerts.
Member since: 11.01.2013 | Last seen online: 20m ago


From: USA
Working on: Editor-in-Chief; specializing in reviews and MS Awards.
Likes: nothing good
Hates: everything good
Musical taste: Yes
Latest discovery: how to tie my shoes
Album picks: Stormkeep - Tales Of Othertime
  Metal Church - Blessing In Disguise
  Opeth - Blackwater Park
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Publications: Articles (97)  Reviews (347)  Interviews (15)  
Languages: English, enough Latin to know that black metal is dumb
Member since: 14.10.2010 | Last seen online: 3h ago


From: Cologne, Germany
Working on: database, clandestine cuts
Likes: warm summer rain, the 1990s, adrenaline, donkeys
Hates: gristle in my steak and pubic hair in my beer
Musical taste: blend me some blackened doom with melodic black or death and I'm in. Grindcore, (crust) punk and post-black as well, occasionally.
Latest discovery: Exulansis, Phantom Hymn, Isor, Ikarie
Album picks: Tiamat - The Astral Sleep
  Moonspell - Irreligious
  Bathory - Blood On Ice
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Publications: Articles (48)  
Languages: German, English, MOS 6510 Assembler, broken French
Member since: 09.01.2018 | Last seen online: 1h ago

X-Ray Rod

From: Helsingborg, Sweden
Working on: Reviewing and trying to be a decent enough fellow.
Likes: I eat music, books, films and paintings in unhealthy amounts. Same with alcohol to be honest.
Hates: My own laziness, Extremists, People who don't try/like to use their brains, Normality, Conformity, "Artists" who make music without any passion, Superficial & fake people.
Musical taste: Black, death, doom. A shitload of non-metal as well.
Latest discovery: That one band/album you will hate.
Album picks: Today Is The Day - Sadness Will Prevail
  Fear Of God - Within The Veil
  Pig Destroyer - Prowler In The Yard
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Publications: Articles (56)  Reviews (99)  Interviews (2)  Galleries (12)
Languages: Spanish, Swedish and English
Personal text: I've been around for a long-ass time. Don't let that fool you, I walk around like a shy person who just got here. So feel free to ask anything.
I'll say no most of the time though.
Member since: 26.12.2007 | Last seen online: 11h ago


From: Netanya, Israel
Working on: Database, Bands, Musicians profiles, Blacklisting Maco's suggestions
Likes: Snooker, Belote, Table Tennis, Chess, Books, Movies, Series
Hates: Bad people
Musical taste: Thrash (above all), Heavy, Death, Speed, Black, Hard Rock, Prog, Doom but as well some other genres when they sound good
Latest discovery: Algebra, Schizophrenia, Slægt
Languages: Hebrew, English, French, Spanish, Arabic, German (novice)
Personal text: Shalom!
Member since: 03.03.2012 | Last seen online: 17h ago