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The Halo Effect


2021-  Mikael Stanne - vocals
2021-  Jesper Strömblad - guitars
2021-  Niclas Engelin - guitars
2021-  Peter Iwers - bass
2021-  Daniel Svensson - drums
2022  Örjan Örnkloo - keyboards
2022  Patrik Niels Jensen - guitars
2022  Erika Risinger - violin
2022  Erik Jonas Slättung - backing vocals
2022  Matt Heafy - additional vocals
2022  Johannes Bergion - cello

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The ‘halo effect’, roughly speaking, is a phenomenon whereby one’s positive impression of a given trait in a person, group or thing positively influences your overall opinion of said entity. I wonder whether this phenomenon may have some role to play in the initial response to The Halo Effect’s debut.
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