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Jesper Strömblad


1989-1993 Ceremonial Oath - bass  
1990-2010 In Flames - guitars  
1993-1997 HammerFall - drums  
1995- Dimension Zero - bass, guitars  
1997-1999 Sinergy - guitars  
2003 All Ends - guitar, songwriting  
2011-2016 The Resistance - guitars  
2012- Ceremonial Oath - bass  
2016- CyHra - guitars  
2021- The Halo Effect - guitars  

Live musician

2012 HammerFall - guitars  
2013-2014 Nightrage - guitars  

Guest musician

1997 Misanthrope - guitars  
1997 Withering Surface - guitars  
1998 Exhumation - guitars  
1999 Grievance - guitars  
2007 Annihilator - guitars  
2012 The Murder Of My Sweet - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 28.11.1972


Strömblad began playing music at age 4, with a violin he played until age 12. At age 12, he no longer considered the violin a 'cool' instrument to play and began playing guitar instead.

Strömblad is known for having played in and been a founding member of a series of bands and side projects. However, In Flames had remained his main band. On February 12, 2010 Jesper announced on In Flames Myspace that he has left the band.

According to's list of 100 best hard rock/metal guitarists Jesper is ranked 37.

He is known to be an avid World of Warcraft player, even wearing a WoW t-shirt on stage at times. Whilst away from home on tour, he regularly plays World of Warcraft on his laptop with his fiancée, as a way of keeping in touch with her. He also plays a guitar imprinted with the logo for the horde faction from World of Warcraft.