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Arch Enemy


1996-  Michael Amott - guitars
1996  Daniel Erlandsson - drums
› 1998-  -//-
1999-  Sharlee D'Angelo - bass
2014-  Alissa White-Gluz - vocals
2014-  Jeff Loomis - guitars
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1996-1997  Johan Liiva - bass, vocals
› 1997-2000  -//- vocals
1996-2005  Christopher "Chris" Amott - guitars
› 2007-2012  -//-
1997  Peter Wildoer - drums
1997-1998  Martin Bengtsson - bass
2000-2014  Angela Gossow - vocals
2005-2007  Fredrik Åkesson - guitars
2012-2014  Nick Cordle - guitars
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1999  Dick Lövgren - bass
1999-2000  Roger Nilsson - bass
2005  Gus G. - guitars
2014-2015  Christopher "Chris" Amott - guitars
2015  Johan Liiva - vocals
1998-1999  Per Wiberg - grand piano
› 2001-2003  -//- keyboards, grand piano, mellotron
› 2011  -//- keyboards
› 2014  -//- mellotron
1998-1999  Fredrik Nordström - keyboards
2005  Apostolos Papathanasio - backing vocals
2005  Gus G. - guitars
2005  Ola Strömberg - keyboards
2011  Mikkel Sandager - backing vocals
2017  Jens Johansson - keyboards, harpsichord
2017-2018  Christopher "Chris" Amott - guitars, keyboards


2002 Burning Angel [EP] 7.4
2004 Dead Eyes See No Future [EP] 8
2007 Revolution Begins [EP] 7.9
2015 Stolen Life [EP] 6.7
2017 Live Power [EP] 9
2018 Råpunk [EP] 6.7

Latest reviews

“Hello? Yes, I would like to report a crime. I have been abducted. Woke up in Gothenburg sometimes in the early 2000s, and I’ve no idea how to get back. You’ll send someone? How? Police cars are equipped with temporal displacers now?”
Review by Netzach ››
Ah? Arch Enemy - the love-it or hate-it band since having a female vocalist who growls. Regardless, most casual listeners of the band would agree that Khaos Legions was one of those forgettable releases that they won't mind putting behind.

Now that...
Review by Ag Fox ››
An open letter to Arch Enemy.

Dear Arch Enemy,

Back where I come from we have this saying; "You can only hate Arch Enemy, if you hate having fun". So obviously I was pretty excited when I heard you were releasing your first studio effort in over six years (unless you want to count the utter abomination that was
Rise Of The Tyrant[i], which I kind of don't). After a couple of spins though, my excitement gradually turned into concern. Which is why I'm stepping up to lend a helping hand (which I assume was your intent, 'cause I'm just that modest).
Review by Thryce ››
Today we will talk about the second opus of the Megadeth Gigantour. Recorded in 2006, this DVD features all the bands which have played with Megadeth during this amazing world tour. The DVD is not perfect and I will let you know why later but all in all...
Review by Jeff ››

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