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Per Wiberg


1998- Spiritual Beggars - keyboards, organ, piano  
2005-2011 Opeth - keyboards, vocals  
2013- Kamchatka - bass, vocals  

Studio musician

1993 Anekdoten - piano  
2009 Anekdoten - piano  
2020 Carcass - organ  
2021 Vokonis - keyboards  

Live musician

2003-2005 Opeth - keyboards, backing vocals  
2009 Krux - keyboards  
2012-2015 Candlemass - keyboards  
2015- Candlemass - bass, keyboards  
2017 Avatarium - keyboards  

Guest musician

1998-1999 Arch Enemy - grand piano  
2001-2003 Arch Enemy - keyboards, grand piano, mellotron  
2007-2009 The Bakerton Group - keyboards  
2011 Arch Enemy - keyboards  
2012 Greenleaf - organ  
2012 Candlemass - hammond organ  
2014 Arch Enemy - mellotron  
2015 Anekdoten - organ  

Personal information

Born on: 08.06.1968

Per Wiberg is the keyboardist and mellotron player for the Swedish progressive death metal band Opeth, and a member of Michael Amott's stoner rock band Spiritual Beggars. Wiberg had toured with Opeth since the 2003 Deliverance/Damnation tour, and officially joined Opeth in 2005. Wiberg provides backing vocals for Opeth in addition to his keyboard duties.

He played the keyboard in the intro to "Enemy Within" by the melodic death metal band Arch Enemy. He has also played piano on Swedish progressive rock band Anekdoten's 1993 release Vemod.

Per Wiberg uses Nord Electro 2 and Korg Triton keyboards.

Name: Per Wiberg

Instrument: Keys

Birth date: June, 1968

Lives in: Stockholm

Status: Girlfriend

Family: Mom, Dad, Sister

Equipment: Nord Electro 2, Nord Wave, Korg Triton Extreme, Vox Wah, Boss DD3, 2 Laney VC 30

Previous/other bands or projects: King Hobo, Mojobone, Spiritual Beggars, Death Organ, Sky High...


Influences: Hendrix, Miles Davis, Vincent Crane, Colin Towns, Jeff Beck, Jan Hammer, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Diamanda Galas, Venom, Bad Brains, ZZ Top, Sabbath, King Crimson, Larry Young, Magma, Joy Division and the list goes on forever...

Drinks: Guinness

Eats: Seafood and Hot dogs

Favourite Opeth song: Demon Of The Fall, Blackwater Park

Playlist May 2008:
Motorpsycho - Little Lucid Moments
Diamanda Galas - Guilty, Guilty, Guilty
Pharoah Sanders - Jewels of Thought
Testament - The Formation Of Damnation
Ornette Coleman - Skies Of America
Deathspell Omega - K�n�se
Kamchatka - Demos 2008
North Mississippi Allstars - Hernando
Betty Lavette - The Scene of the Crime
The Roots - Rising down