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Peter Wildoer


1990-1998 Agretator - drums  
1997 Arch Enemy - drums  
1997 Armageddon - drums  
1998- Darkane - drums  
2000- Majestic - drums  
2000-2001 Silver Seraph - drums  
2001-2003 Time Requiem - drums  
2003- Electrocution 250 - drums  
2004- Non-Human Level - vocals  
2007- Grimmark - drums  
2008-2009 Pestilence - drums  
2009-2020 James LaBrie - drums, harsh vocals  

Studio musician

2009 Old Man's Child - drums  

Live musician

2001-2002 Dawn Of Oblivion - drums  
2006 Soilwork - drums  

Guest musician

2012 Cloudscape - vocals  
2013 Lalu - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 05.09.1974

Karl Peter Wildoer is a Swedish drummer in the bands Darkane, Electrocution 250 & Grimmark. He has also drummed for the bands Armageddon, Majestic, Pestilence, Silver Seraph, Arch Enemy, Time Requiem, Gardens of Obscurity and Dawn of Oblivion amongst others. He has been tagged to perform sessions drums on Old Man's Child's latest album, Slaves of the World. He is the drummer/harsh vocalist of the James LaBrie solo record Static Impulse. He also joined the experimental metal trio Electrocution 250 along with Todd Duane and Lalle Larson, with which released the album Cartoon Music from Hell.

He received his first drumset when he was 7. When he was nine he started to play the flute at the local music school (Kommunala musikskolan) where he learned how to read sheet music. After a year of playing the flute he quit and decided to take drum lessons instead. In 1986 he joined a brass band. He stayed with this band for 8 years. At the age of 14 he created his first rock band named "Dammer", which was later changed to "Zaninez." In 1989 Christopher Malmström joined the band Zaninez and he and Peter became friends. This friendship would later help to form Darkane.

He also auditioned for Dream Theater in 2011, as revealed by a recent documentary trailer released by the band. He competed along with 6 others, who the band called "the worlds greatest drummers". Despite the band being openly impressed with his audition, going as far as to name him in their Top 3 favorites, he did not win the audition; instead Mike Mangini became Dream Theater's new drummer.


Drum Technician
Colony - In Flames

Record producer
Sworn to a Great Divide - Soilwork