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Country: The Netherlands
Label: Agonia Records

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Formed in: 1986
Broke up: 1994-2008
Hiatus: 2014-2017

1986-1988Thrash metal
1986-1990Death metal
1990-1994Progressive death metal
2008-Technical death metal
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1986-  Patrick Mameli - guitars, vocals
2019-  Rutger Van Noordenburg - guitars
2019-  Joost van der Graaf - bass
2020-  Michiel Van Der Plicht - drums
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1986-1989  Randy Meinhard - guitar
1986-1990  Martin Van Drunen - bass, vocals
1986-1994  Marco Foddis - drums
1989-2014  Patrick Uterwijk - guitars
1991-1992  Tony Choy - bass
› 2008-2009  -//-
1992-1994  Jeroen Paul Thesseling - bass
› 2009-2012  -//- fretless bass
2008-2009  Peter Wildoer - drums
2009-2012  Yuma van Eekelen - drums
2012  Tim Yeung - drums
2012-2013  Stefan Fimmers - bass
2012-2014  David Haley - drums
2013-2014  Georg Maier - bass
2016-2020  Septimiu Hărşan - drums
2017-2018  Tilen Hudrap - bass
2017-2019  Călin Paraschiv - guitars
2018-2019  Edward Negrea - bass
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1991  Nick Sagias - bass
2008  Patrick Uterwijk - guitars

Latest reviews

So you thought that Obsideo would be the last Pestilence album and I did too. Well, we were both wrong because Hadeon is here!
Review by nikarg ››
Grief and Sorrow is what I feel when I hear a Pestilence album without the great vocals of Martin Van Drunen, anyway a vocalist change is not good most of the times (I mean Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse, you get the idea?) and now this album is odd, not...
Review by Herzebeth ››
Well here we go, the old school of death metal in it's purest form, Consuming impulse is a very talented album, in fact Pestilence (at least their line-up till consuming impulse) were more talented than any Death Metal Band known in that time, and...
Review by Herzebeth ››

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