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Also known as Executioner (1984-1986), Xecutioner (1986-1988)

Country: USA
Label: Relapse Records

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Formed in: 1984
Broke up: 1997-2003

1984- Death metal
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1984-  John Tardy - vocals
1984-  Trevor Peres - guitars
1984-  Donald Tardy - drums
2010-  Terry Butler - bass
2012-  Kenny Andrews - guitars
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1984-1988  Jerome Grable - bass
1984-1989  Allen West - guitars
› 1992-2006  -//-
1988-1989  Daniel Tucker - bass
1989-2010  Frank Watkins - bass
1990  James Murphy - guitars
2007-2011  Ralph Santolla - guitars
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2010  Steve DiGiorgio - bass
2010-2011  Kenny Andrews - bass, guitars
2012  Lee Harrison - guitars

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Following on from the comeback album that exceeded all expectations in Inked In Blood, the self-titled Obituary trades in on the band's name and legacy, as the music it contains sure isn't enough to carry forward the momentum generated by the band.   Review by omne metallum ››
One could be forgiven for ignoring Obituary's new album Inked In Blood. After all, how different can one expect it to be, given that the band effectively stalled their sound in 1990 and seldom bothered adding anything new? In some ways they would...   Review by deadone ››

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