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Steve DiGiorgio


NA- Futures End - bass  
1984-2015 Sadus - bass  
1991 Death - bass  
1993 Death - bass  
1998-2005 Testament - bass  
1999-2001 Control Denied - bass  
2000-2001 Dragonlord - bass  
2000-2001 Iced Earth - bass  
2004 Quo Vadis - bass  
2004-2005 Artension - bass  
2008-2011 Faust - bass  
2009- Charred Walls Of The Damned - bass  
2009- Devils Highway - bass  
2010- Synesis Absorption - bass  
2010-2013 Soen - bass  
2011-2012 Memorain - bass  
2011-2012 Ephel Duath - bass  
2014- Testament - bass  
2016- Terra Odium - bass  
2018- Spirits Of Fire - bass  
2019- Quadvium - fretless bass  
2020- Act Of Denial - bass  

Studio musician

1997-1998 Death - bass  
2002-2006 Vintersorg - bass  
2007 Scariot - bass  
2011 Christian Muenzner - bass  
2021 Mother Of All - bass  

Live musician

2010 Obituary - bass  
2010 Obscura - bass  
2012 Death - bass  
2014- Death - guitars  

Guest musician

1990 Autopsy - bass  
2003 Lunaris - bass  
2009 Heathen - sitar, fretless bass  
2016 Vivaldi Metal Project - bass  
2019 Arch/Matheos - bass  
2021 ScreaMachine - bass  

Personal information

Born on: 07.11.1967

Steve DiGiorgio (born November 7, 1967, Waukegan, Illinois) is an American bassist and musician.
DiGiorgio has played bass guitar in heavy metal bands such as Death, Autopsy, Control Denied, Testament, Vintersorg, Iced Earth, Sebastian Bach, Charred Walls of the Damned, Obituary, and is a founding member of Sadus. He is widely renowned for his technical skills, and he is one of the very few bass players in the metal scene who plays a fretless bass. He is also a founding member of the jazz-band Dark Hall and is currently the bass player for the Futures End. Along with his bass duties in Sadus he also plays keyboards.
Within his genre, Steve DiGiorgio is respected for his playing skills.He is noted for his ability to execute very fast 32nd notes with his plucking fingers, as opposed to using a pick.
DiGiorgio uses a custom Mjollnir by Thor Bass, and also plays custom ESP basses. He is mostly seen with a F-series fretless 5-string bass in a dark green finish, but also uses a very unusual double-neck construction with a fretted and a fretless neck in one body. He uses Ampeg SVT Classic amps and cabinets by Ampeg and Randall.