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Ephel Duath

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Country: Italy
Labels: Agonia Records
Code666 Records

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Formed in: 1998
Disbanded in: 2014

1998-2002 Progressive black metal
2003-2014 Avantgarde metal


1998-2014  Davide Tiso - guitars, keyboards, vocals
2008-2009  Marco Minnemann - drums
› 2011-2014  -//-
2011-2014  Karyn Crisis - vocals
2012-2014  Bryan Beller - bass
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1998-2001  Guliano Mogicato - bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals
2003-2004  Davide Tolomei - vocals
2003-2006  Davide Piovesan - drums
2003-2007  Fabio Fecchio - bass
2003-2008  Luciano George Lorusso - vocals
2006-2007  Sergio Ponti - drums
2008-2009  Guillermo Gonzales - vocals
2011-2012  Steve DiGiorgio - bass
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2003-2005  Riccardo Pasini - keyboards
2007-2009  Andrea Rabuini - drums
2012-2014  Demetrio Scopelliti - guitars
2007  Eraldo Bernocchi - guitars
2009  Ben Weinman - electronics

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What Ephel Duath gave us here is a collection of sort of bizarre riffs and sort of bizarre time-signaturing and sort of bizarre vocals that seem like they were tossed together more for the sake of seeming bizarre than for the sake of making good music....   Review by wormdrink414 ››
It's always difficult to review a "Remix" album, even more when the remix consists in full techno music in the vein of Aphex Twin.This event is really hard to digest just because what we heard in the original album was way to impressive...   Review by Herzebeth ››

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