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1991-  Grutle Kjellson - vocals, bass
1991-  Ivar Bjørnson Peersen - guitars, keyboards, vocals
2002-  Ice Dale - guitars
2017-  Håkon Vinje - keyboards, clean vocals
2018-  Iver Sandøy - drums
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1991-1995  Trym Torson - drums
1995-1997  Harald Magne Revheim - drums
1997-2002  Roy Kronheim - guitars
1997-2003  Dirge Rep - drums
2003  Freddy Bolsø - drums
2003-2018  Cato Bekkevold - drums
2004-2016  Herbrand Larsen - keyboards, vocals
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2012  Iver Sandøy - additional bass pedals, effects, and percussion
› 2015  -//- backing vocals
› 2017  -//- additional percussion, backing vocals, effects
2004  Abbath - additional vocals


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Plenty of artists have dabbled with dark ambient, but few have become as synonymous with the genre the way that Lustmord did. And out of all genres, dark ambient has been one that metal has interwoven with quite often. Now, the metal world celebrates that.   Review by RaduP ››
Given how explorative their career had been from their beginning up until 2010's iconic Axioma Ethica Odini, Enslaved's last few albums were surprisingly similar stylistically. Utgard is here to change that.   Review by musclassia ››
Let no one ever have to question the consistency of the Norsemen in Enslaved. From the icy black metal of their debut, right down to the more complex nature of their recent material, the band have garnered a well deserved reputation as mature and innovative songwriters. 2015's In Times is a slightly more accessible mark in their discography, one that, while good, also feels as though it could have gone a little bit deeper.   Review by Apothecary ››

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