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Ivar Bjørnson Peersen


1991- Enslaved - guitars, keyboards, vocals  
1994-1995 Mysticum - guitars  
1995-1998 Borknagar - keyboard  
1996- Desekrator - guitars, keyboards  
2005- Trinacria - guitars  
2014- Skuggsjá - bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals  

Studio musician

1998-2000 Gorgoroth - synths  

Live musician

2003 Satyricon - keyboards  
2005 Taake - guitars  

Guest musician

2011 Taake - vocals  
2011 Eld - keyboards  
2014 Janvs - guitars  


03.01.2013 Enslaved
07.12.2009 Enslaved

Personal information

Born on: 27.11.1977


Ivar Bjørnson (born 1977) is a Norwegian composer/guitarist for the progressive black/viking metal band Enslaved. He is, along with Grutle Kjellson, one of only two founding members left in the current line-up, being only 13 years old at the time of the band's formation. He contributed keyboard/synth work to Borknagar's first three albums and synth/piano work on the Gorgoroth albums Incipit Satan and Destroyer under the name "Daimonion" and also produced the first demo from black metal band Orcustus.

Ivar clearly stated in multiple interviews including in the film Metal: A Headbanger's Journey his opinion on the church burning in Norway such as the Fantoft Stave Church.

In one interview he said "The church burning as a 'symbolic' act I can understand. I mean kind of a revenge, in a bigger historical point of view. I mean Christianity has been one of the most violent religions of them all. So in a historical point of view a bigger picture I guess they kind of deserve it"

Ivar stated in an interview that Black Metal isn't one specific genre. He said "Well um black metal pretty much started with Venom in..... What is it '81 or '82? With the album Welcome to Hell. They were actually the first act that actually called their music black metal. And um that's why I have this point of view about Black metal. I mean Venom doesn't sound anything like modern Black metal bands. But you know it's still Black metal, same lyrical concept, Satanic lyrics and stuff. Yeah Venom sounded more like punk than uh.... black metal nowadays. So black metal can be any kind of heavy metal music."