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Arve Isdal


NA- Malignant Eternal - guitars  
2002- Enslaved - guitars (as Ice Dale)  
2002- Audrey Horne - guitars  
2005- Trinacria - guitars (as Ice Dale)  
2005-2006 I - guitars  
2007- Demonaz - bass, guitars (as Ice Dale)  

Studio musician

2010 Ov Hell - guitars (as Ice Dale)  

Live musician

2008 Gorgoroth - guitars  

Personal information

Also known as: Ice Dale
Born on: 28.08.1977

Arve Isdal (born 28 August 1977 in Bergen, Norway), also known as "Ice Dale," is a Norwegian musician and producer. He is best known for being the guitarist of Viking Black Metal band Enslaved. He is very active in the Norwegian metal scene, being both a full-time member and doing session-work for several bands. After Tom Cato Visnes left the hard rock band Audrey Horne, Isdal played the bass parts on their second album Le Fol and continues to perform with the group. He is a part of the death/black metal band Trinacria, which includes members of Enslaved and the noise group Fe-Mail; and a newly-formed project with former Immortal guitarist Harald Nævdal. He has also been session-guitarist for Ov Hell and lent his voice to a character on Metalocalypse in the episode "Dethmas".