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Kai Johnny Mosaker


1991-1995 Enslaved - drums (as Trym Torson)  
1995-2001 Emperor - drums (as Trym Torson)  
1998-2010 Zyklon - drums (as Trym Torson)  
2001- Paganize - drums (as Trym Torson)  
2005-2007 Emperor - drums (as Trym Torson)  
2014- Emperor - drums  

Studio musician

NA Tartaros - drums (as Trym Torson)  
2007-2008 Abigail Williams - drums (as Trym Torson)  

Live musician

2000 Old Man's Child - drums (as Trym Torson)  
2004 Satyricon - drums (as Trym Torson)  

Personal information

Also known as: Trym Torson

Trym Torson (born Kai Johnny Mosaker), or just Trym, is a Norwegian drummer, formerly with Zyklon. Torson started playing in the Viking Black Metal band Enslaved and was later invited to play in black metal band Emperor. He co-founded Zyklon together with Emperor member Samoth. His style is heavily influenced by jazz, and he is known for his fast playing, often consisting of blast beats and double-bass drumming. He is also a tattoo artist.

In 2007, Torson lent his voice to an animated character from the Adult Swim cartoon, Metalocalypse, in the episode "Dethfashion". He also played on Egyptian artist Nader Sadek's Faceless project, contributing drums on the song Faithless written by Steve Tucker. Torson recorded most of the drums on the Abigail Williams album In the Shadow of a Thousand Suns.