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2010-  George Clarke - vocals
2010-  Kerry Dylan McCoy - guitars
2012-  Daniel Tracy - drums
2013-  Shiv Mehra - guitars
2017-  Chris Johnson (I) - bass
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2010-2012  Derek Prine - bass
2010-2012  Trevor Deschryver - drums
2010-2012  Nick Bassett - guitars
2013-2017  Stephen Lee Clarke - bass
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2010-2011  John Kline - drums
2013  Daniel Tracy - drums
2011  Gary Bettencourt - guitars
2011-2013  Joseph "Joey" Bautista - guitars
2012  Mike (VII) - guitars
2013  Neige - vocals
2018  Chelsea Wolfe - vocals

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And just like that, the 'hipster black metal band' become merely the 'hipster band'.
Review by musclassia ››
The band purists love to hate for not being black metal enough and being way too blissful-sounding doubles down by being way more blissful.
Review by RaduP ››
Deafheaven is my favourite band. There is no denying this fact. Roads To Judah was a masterpiece, and their previous demos and EPs were also A+ material. So, naturally, once Sunbather was announced I nearly crapped myself out of pure elation. Once the time came and I could finally listen to the album I was?
Review by Boxcar Willy ››

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