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Émilie Jeanne-Sophie Welti


2006-2012 Émilie Welti - vocals, all instruments  
2012- Sophie Hunger - vocals, all instruments  

Guest musician

2017 Steven Wilson - vocals (as Sophie Hunger)  

Personal information

Also known as: Émilie Welti, Sophie Hunger
Born on: 31.03.1983

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Émilie Jeanne-Sophie Welti was born on 31 March 1983 in Bern, Switzerland. She was a diplomat's daughter and grew up, with two older siblings, in: Bern, London, Bonn and Zurich. She graduated high-school in 2002, then subsequently studied German and English.

Hunger plays guitar, blues harp, piano and composes most of her songs in British English, French, Swiss German, German and Swiss Italian. In 2006, in a few days, she home-recorded her solo debut album, Sketches on Sea. In October 2008, Hunger released her first solo studio album, Monday's Ghost, on Two Gentlemen Records.