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Woods Of Desolation


2005-  D. - bass, guitars
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2005-2007  Phil Knight - bass, vocals
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2011  Timothy James "Tim" Yatras - drums, vocals
2014  Vladislav Petrov - drums
2014  Luke Mills - bass
2014  Thrydwulf - vocals
2007-2009  Desolate - vocals
2010  Lord Tim - keyboards

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So here it is: The Falling Tide, the fourth full-length installment by the well esteemed atmospheric black metal act Woods Of Desolation. Residing from the unlikely land of Australia, this dark atmospheric release has conveniently arrived just in time for the beginning of this dreary Dismal wintery season, and is perfect for reflecting on the depressively grim emotions that come with these wintery atmospheric settings. But does The Falling Tide provide the listener with the former majestic beauty the previous releases possessed?
Review by AndyMetalFreak ››
The depressive duo of Tim "Sorrow" Yatras and the man known only as "D" are back with yet another chilling display of a statuesque journey through melancholia, venturing only so far from the true path of solitude with Woods Of Desolation...
Review by Troy Killjoy ››

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