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1998-  Bornyhake - all instruments, vocals
2017-  Lady Kaos - keyboards
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NA  Mephitik - bass
NA  Jorgh - guitars
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2011-2014  XaX - guitars
2011-2016  Quaoar - bass
2011-2016  Ardelean - guitars
2011-2017  Lady Kaos - keyboards
2014-2015  Nahël - guitars
2016-2017  Alek Sickx - guitars
2016-2018  Tumulash - bass
2017-  Onbra Oscoura - guitars
2018-  D. - bass
2010  Scott Conner - all instruments
2010  Christoph Ziegler - all instruments
2012  XaX - guitars
2012-2015  Lady Kaos - keyboards
2015  Spellgoth - vocals
2020  Ruby Bouzioti - vocals

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Imagine the void mechanically beating you into submission.
Review by RaduP ››
Sometimes bands come through with releases that impress you to the point you say "damn, I really oughta be on the lookout for their future releases now." So when those future releases finally do come, it's a pretty special moment. Here I am in 2020 with Borgne.
Review by Auntie Sahar ››
It seems like lately things are being flipped around; the more typical the cover artwork, the less typical the music. First Agruss, now Borgne. Yeah, it is black metal, and yes, it does have a similar appeal to the of Agruss, yet Borgne is a sound of its own breed, despite being compiled of commonly used components.
Review by Doc G. ››

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