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Cavalera Conspiracy


2007-  Max Cavalera - guitars, vocals
2007-  Iggor Cavalera - drums
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2007-2021  Marc Rizzo - guitars
2008-2013  Johnny Chow - bass
2013-2015  Nate Newton - bass
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2007-2008  Joe Duplantier - bass
2023  Daniel "Dan" Gonzalez - guitars
2023  Igor Amadeus Cavalera Jr. - bass
2008  Steeve Petit - vocals
2011  Zyon Cavalera - drums
2012-2017  Antonio "Tony" Campos - bass
2018-  Mike Leon - bass
2022  Daniel "Dan" Gonzalez - guitars
2023-  Igor Amadeus Cavalera Jr. - bass
2008  Richie Cavalera - vocals
2008  Rex Robert Brown - bass
2011  Roger Miret - vocals
2017  Arthur Rizk - bass, keyboards
2017  Justin Broadrick - vocals

Latest reviews

I am going to try and write this review without mentioning the name of Sepultura at all (okay, this one doesn't count).
Review by nikarg ››
The ever industrious Max Cavalera is back with his Cavalera Conspiracy project that includes his brother, Igor. With a release schedule that sees him releasing one album every year either with Cavalera Conspiracy or Soulfly, one instantly wonders whether Pandemonium will be a good album. After all, quantity does not necessarily imply quality. Indeed, the last few albums have seen a mixed response from the fan base and critics alike, which overall seems to indicate overall quality is at least inconsistent.
Review by deadone ››
Everyone knows the story. Max Cavalera left Sepultura in the '90s (with brother Igor finally departing about 10 years later) and everybody felt simply swell about it. No feelings were hurt, everyone moved on with a smile.

Naturally, fans felt torn...
Review by Troy Killjoy ››

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