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Country: Hungary
Label: Napalm Records

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Formed in: 1994

1994- Groove thrash metal
1994- Hardcore


1994-  Zoltán Farkas - vocals, guitars
2017-  Szebasztián Simon - guitars
2018-  Csaba Zahorán - bass
2018-  Kálmán Oláh - drums
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1994-1997  Mihály Janó - guitars
› 1998-2000  -//-
1994-1999  Csaba Ternován - drums
1994-2008  Csaba Farkas - bass
1997-1999  Béla Marksteiner - guitars
2000-2010  József Szakács - drums
2001-2003  László Kovács - guitar
2004-2017  Tamás Schrottner - guitar
2008-2017  Szabolcs Murvai - bass
2010-2017  Gergely Tarin - drums
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2015  George Fisher - vocals

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