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Antonio "Tony" Campos


1994- Static-X - bass, backing vocals  
2001 Brujeria - vocals  
2002- Asesino - bass, vocals (as Maldito X)  
2008 Ministry - bass  
2009-2014 Prong - bass  
2011-2012 Possessed - bass  
2011-2015 Soulfly - bass  
2011-2015 Ministry - bass  
2015- Fear Factory - bass  
2017-2019 Ministry - bass  

Studio musician

2002 Agony (COL) - bass  
2010 Otep - bass  

Live musician

2021- Ministry - bass  

Personal information

Born on: 08.03.1973

Tony Campos (born March 8, 1973 in Los Angeles, CA) is a Mexican American musician. He is the bass guitarist for the thrash metal band Soulfly and former bass guitarist of industrial metal band Static-X and frontman/bassist for Asesino. Campos was the final bassist for Ministry, which retired in 2008. He has currently joined the thrash metal band Prong.


Along with Wayne Static, Tony is the only band member that has been a constant figure through the different Static-X lineup changes. Tony backs up with growling low vocals, and he sings the entire song "Anything But This" Live. He performs vocals and bass for Asesino. He also joined Ministry after bassist Paul Raven died.

In 2001, Campos suffered a motorcycle accident, resulting in a broken collarbone, which caused him to miss most of the ongoing Static-X tour. He was temporarily replaced with Marty O'Brien. His stage name, "Maldito X", is Spanish for "Damned X".


Moser Custom Shop Scimitar (P-bass style) 4-string with EMG-P pickup, tuned BbFBbEb; Fernandes Tremor 5-strings with EMG-40DC pickups, tuned BbFBbEbAb.
SWR SM-900 head, SWR Goliath Senior 6x10 cab.
Tech 21 SansAmp PSA-1 preamp, Dunlop 105Q Bass Wah, Line 6 Bass POD

In the past he used Fernandes five-string Tremor bass guitars tuned ADGCF when playing in Asesino. In Static-X, he plays with several tunings: CFBbEbG and BbFBbEbAb during Shadow Zone and forward.