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Label: Rain Without End Records

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Formed in: 2009

2009- Gothic doom metal
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2009-  Jari Lindholm - guitars, synthesizers, vocals
2009-  Sébastien Pierre - vocals, additional keyboards
2013  Oscar Borgenstam - drums
2013  Siavosh Bigonah - bass
2013  Sandy Mahrer - choir vocals
2015  Fredrik Widigs - drums

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Leaving behind the limitations of our mind, our physical form, and our existence has rarely felt so sorrowful, so conflicted, and yet so hopeful and inspiring. Enshine have returned with a more decisive release this time around, replete with perfected arrangements, lyrical ideas that leave the listener in a dreamlike state of existential thoughts, and an atmosphere that presses upon one's heart like a cold sun drifting endlessly upward into the infinite stars of possibilities.
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