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2004-  George Kosmas - vocals, guitars
2004-  Shaun Sykes - guitars
2004-  Steven Merry - keyboards, piano
2004-  John Richardson - bass
2016-  Elliott Sansom - drums
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2004-2015  Jimmy Vanden Broeck - drums
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2012  Megan Sykes - flute
2014-2016  Elliott Sansom - drums
2015  Matt Dodds - guitars

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Based on the pattern of their releases so far, we can expect the follow-up to Coherence in 2027, offering plenty of time in which to enjoy Be'lakor’s latest beast of a record.
Review by musclassia ››
Be'lakor is one of the most highly-praised and widely-beloved bands on Metal Storm, and I guess now we know which album is going to sweep our melodeath category come awards season; but before you storm away in a petulant huff complaining about popularity contests and unfair competition, allow me to explain why Vessels will be the album leading its buddies by 600 votes next February.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
In what can only be described as a natural progression of one of the most highly regarded melodic death metal albums of the decade in Stone's Reach, Be'lakor have taken to the studio once more with the hopes of building on their already unrelenting momentum.
Review by Troy Killjoy ››

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