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Ghost Brigade


2005-2020  Manne Ikonen - vocals
2005-2020  Tommi Kiviniemi - guitars
2005-2020  Wille Naukkarinen - guitars
2005-2020  Veli-Matti Suihkonen - drums
2013-2020  Joni Andres Saalamo - bass
2013-2020  Joni Vanhanen - keyboards
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2005-2013  Janne Julin - bass
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2006  Aleksi Munter - keyboards
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For three records the Finnish band Ghost Brigade have provided a unique example of melodic death metal progression. Basing their studio efforts well beyond generic limits and engaging the structures and tones of post-metal, they continue to issue their original and outlying style in IV: One With The Storm, but to a similar result as any of their prior releases.
Review by R'Vannith ››
Two years after the release of the gem Isolation Songs, Finnish atmospheric sludge metallers Ghost Brigade are back with their new album, entitled Until Fear No Longer Defines Us. This album, which was recorded at Seawolf Studios, was released on August...
Review by White Winter Sun ››

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