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Attila Gábor Csihar


1987-1991 Tormentor - vocals  
1989-2004 Plasma Pool - vocals  
1992-1993 Mayhem - vocals (as Attila Csihar)  
1999- Tormentor - vocals  
1999-2005 Aborym - vocals  
2001-2003 Korog - vocals  
2003-2004 Keep Of Kalessin - vocals  
2004- Mayhem - vocals (as Attila Csihar)  
2006- Gravetemple - vocals  
2006-2007 Burial Chamber Trio - vocals  
2016- Sinsaenum - vocals (as Attila Csihar)  

Studio musician

2003- Sunn O))) - vocals  

Live musician

2003- Sunn O))) - vocals  
2007 Shining - vocals  
2015- Nader Sadek - vocals (as Attila Csihar)  

Guest musician

1994 Chton - additional vocals  
1999 Emperor - vocals (as Attila Csihar)  
2002 Frost (UK) - vocals  
2002 Limbonic Art - vocals  
2003 Anaal Nathrakh - vocals  
2003-2004 Finnugor - vocals  
2004 Sear Bliss - vocals  
2006 Anaal Nathrakh - vocals  
2007 Astarte - vocals (as Attila Csihar)  
2008 Ascend - vocals (as Attila Csihar)  
2008-2009 Skitliv - vocals  
2009-2010 Divine Codex - additional vocals  
2010 Toby Knapp - vocals  
2011 Ulver - vocals  
2011 Taake - vocals  
2011 NunFuckRitual - vocals  
2011 Nader Sadek - vocals  
2012 Lunar Path - vocals  
2013 Shining - vocals  
2013-2014 Vampillia - vocals  
2014 Divahar - vocals  
2014 Belphegor - vocals  
2014 Dynasty Of Darkness - vocals (as Attila Csihar)  
2015 Keep Of Kalessin - vocals  
2015 Melted Space - vocals  
2016 Gutted - vocals  
2016 The Wretched End - vocals  
2016 Darkend - vocals  
2016 Obsidian Kingdom - vocals (as Attila Csihar)  
2017 Deathcult - additional vocals  
2017 Strength Of Will - vocals  
2018 Watain - additional vocals  
2021 Noctiferia - vocals  


11.09.2008 Mayhem

Personal information

Born on: 29.03.1971


Attila Csihar is a Hungarian black metal vocalist, best known for his vocal work on the album De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas by Mayhem. Ian Christe describes his vocals as "operatic."

His career started in the Hungarian metal band Tormentor. The band reached a cult status in black metal circles, even without major label releases. In 1992, Attila was invited to perform vocals on De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas after Mayhem's then-vocalist Dead committed suicide. The album became one of the quintessential albums of the genre, even though some fans consider Csihar's vocals out of place. In the band's now 20 year history, he's the band's only non-Scandinavian member.

After Mayhem, Csihar continued to work in various experimental projects, such as Plasma Pool, Aborym, and Korog. In 2004, he recorded vocals for the song 'Decay2 (Nihil's Maw)' by American Doom/Drone Metal band Sunn O))), and even performed live with the band on their European tour. He briefly performed in Keep of Kalessin as well. Currently, Attila left Aborym in order to rejoin Mayhem as the band's new singer, after their previous singer, Maniac, left. His final contribution to Aborym was performing lead vocals on the song Man Bites God on their 2006 album, Generator. Recently, Attila has joined Greg Anderson of Sunn O))) and Oren Ambarchi in a new project called Burial Chamber Trio. This outfit has recorded one album and released on vinyl by Southern Lord Records and has performed a small number of concerts in Europe in January and February 2007. For these concerts, Attila dressed in a jute sack while sporting a wig that is reminiscent of Norman Bates's mother in Psycho. When Csihar first joined Mayhem he was "grossed out" at the pig heads on stage and all of the dead animals for Csihar who states that he is a vegetarian in a interview with Revolver Magizine. "I was freaked out myself," concedes Csihar. "Like, Fuck, I don't know if I want to do this."

Attila is divorced and has two children. He resides in Budapest.