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1992-  Fabrizio Giannese - bass, keyboards, vocals
2016-  Gianluca Catalani - drums
2016-  Rg Narchost - bass
2019-  Thomas Aurizzi - guitars
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1997-1999  Yorga SM - vocals
1997-2005  Set Teitan 131 - guitars
1999-2005  Nysrok Infernalien Sathanas - guitars, keyboards
1999-2005  Attila Gábor Csihar - vocals
2005-2009  Prime Evil Ilsane - vocals
2005-2014  Bård Guldvik Eithun - drums
2008-2016  Hell:I0:Kabbalus - guitars
2016-2019  Stefano Angiulli - keyboards, synths
2016-2019  Dan Valente - bass, guitars
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2016  Greg Watkins - synths, keyboards
2016  Pier Marzano - guitars
2014-2016  Rg Narchost - bass
2003  Nattefrost - vocals
2003  Irrumator - drums
2010  Davide Tiso - guitars
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2016  Andrea Mazzucca - drums
2016  Nicola Favaretto - vocals
2016  Cain Cressall - vocals
2016  Victor Love - vocals
2016  Sinhue "Sin" Quirin - guitars

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In my book, from what I've seen throughout the years, Aborym is a love it or hate it band, now, concerning me, I've always concidered more or less their mechanized black metal a pleasant experience, neither awesome nor disgusting. Attila Csihar's...
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The young italian label code666, interested in the darker side of metal music and in all kind of experimantations, now decided to publish this compilation which features all the bands in its roster. It ranges from the most important bands of the label...
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Well, that's a tough one. For the first time I really have no idea of how and what to tell you of this album. Not because I have no idea on it, but because many could find it a complete masterpiece, but most will find it completely unacceptable.
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