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Aborym proudly experiments hard extreme music the band likes to name Black industrial metal, since 1993.

The primary influence in the music we play could be, without too many doubts, the cult norwegian band Mysticum, the old Beherit, and in general the old death-thrash-black metal bands (such as Mayhem, Possessed, Sarcofago, Soothsayer, Obituary, Carcass, Coroner, Celtic Frost, Messiah, Emperor, Venom, old Sepultura, Morbid Angel, Kreator and many others) even if Aborym created, years after years, album after album, its own style and its own way to experiments unique and absolutely original mood, we simply called Aborym nekro-sound. Aborym created its tradmark, lots of bands coming from all around the world tryed to imitate and follow.

Aborym do not support politic-shit. Aborym is not a nazi-band. Aborym has nothing in common with humanoid-histeric-stupid ideologies. Aborym simply support boycotting and propaganda against christian moralism and ideology, against the rotten system, Aborym supports rebellion and war against humanity's moralism, stupidity, laws and lack of intelligence. Aborym supports war against animal-sacrifice and animal abuse. Animals before humans!!

In very few words Aborym proudly support Planet Satan Revolution ideologic movement agaist human mankind. Planet Satan Revolution is an underground label-movement started up in spring 2004. Label crew consists of Prime Evil and Cerastes from Mysticum and Malfeitor Fabban. The truly dedicated metal maniac Saiihtam (better known as the second half of Epidemic Music Norway, that runned together with Daemon from Limbonic Art and Sarcoma Inc. ). Planet Satan Revolution will sign and deal with satanic and occult related bands exclusively, in the old spirit of Euronymous of Deathlike Silence Production (DSP) and Mayhem. But it's also open-minded for other musical styles, obscure, occult, satanic in an atmospheric and true way.

1992 The first Aborym 3 pieces line-up was formed in 1992 by the bass player-vocalist Malfeitor Fabban. At the beginning the band started to play as a cover-band, perfoming stuff such as Sarcofago, Morbid, Celtic Frost, Mayhem, Dark Throne' covers.

1993 In 1993 Aborym released the first and unique demo tape titled "Worshipping Damned Souls" (700 copies sold out in one year) and after that release Malfeitor Fabban decided to stop. In 1994 Malfeitor Fabban entered the Funeral Oration line-up releasing a demo and the debut album "Sursum Luna" in 1996 (Avantgarde music). In a parallel way he played with M.e.m.o.r.y. lab (industrial-noisy-metal) and he was special guest in the Deviate Ladies's debut album called "Religious as our methods" (1998, Metal Horse prod.).

1997 Aborym was reformed in 1997 by Malfeitor Fabban and Seth Teitan's union. The fire demon was summoned againNo way back! In very few month they started to arrange previous stuff and new tracks, and they signed a 2-album contract with Scarlet records. In 1999 the debut album "Kali Yuga Bizarre" was released, with Yorga as lead-vocalist, Nysrok on lead guitar (formely in Satanik Terrorists and Alien Vampires) and the "voice of death" Attila Csihar (ex Mayhem, Tormentor, Plasma Pool) joined the band in the studio as very special guest for the album, that sold more than 5000 units.

1998 After the "Kali Yuga Bizarre" release Yorga (the previous singer) was out of the band and Attila Csihar becomes the lead shaman vokalist in Aborym, while Nysrok (formely in Satanik Terrorists and Alien Vampires) joined the band as second guitarrist.

"This is what Black Metal should be all about. Ugliness, rawness, destruction, scary...And a message so insane.." SLAYER MAG. (Norway) by METALION

2001 The second Aborym album needs no introduction. "Fire Walk With Us" (released in 2001, Scarlet records) is a must, an album coming directly from the future.


This is always disturbing. It fucks you, so for me this is what Black Metal is all about. I do like the fact that more bands bring back the element of fear in the music Aborym brought a new level of unexpected disturbance to Black Metal. (5 out of 6) - SLAYER MAG. (Norway) by METALION

The music on 'Fire Walk With Us!' is a new facet of black metal bestiality; pushing extremes with new visions of's what every innovative band doesDefinitely a band who are happier to set trends than to follow them. - Adam Wasylyk from Unrestrained magazine (Canada)

it is one of the best industrial black albums I've heard Grimulf,

2002 In 2002 Aborym decided to sign a deal with the italian label Code666, and in this year lost of things happend. Seth Teitans friends and true Aborym supporters Bard "Faust" Eithun (ex Thorns ex Emperor) and R. Nattefrost ( leader of the misanthropic norwegian cult Carpathian Forest) were invited to collaborate in the new Aborym sonic-chaos called "With No Human Intervention", album in which Aborym song-writing is at its top. Bard G.Eithun wrote three lyrics for Aborym, and he was able to record some spoken words by phone. Nattefrost joined Aborym in the studio in Rome: he wrote one lyric and performed his serial killing evil vocals in one track called "The Alienation of a Blackened heart". The final result of those two collaboration is simply exciting and unique.

Anyway, in this new album there are also Irrumator from Anaal Nathrakh (Birmingham, U.K.), Sasrof of DiabolicuM and Matt Jarman from Void/OCD (London, U.K.). Irrumator recorded at Mental Siege Studios in Rome the digital-synthetic-drumming on "The Alienation of a Blackened heart". Sasrof created a track called "The Wolf song" which you can hear as soon as you open the cd rom track plus a bonus track called "Death Industries". Matt Jerman is the author ov the amazing and mind splitting "Does Not Compute" soundscape.

The album was recorded at the Temple of Noise studios in Rome. It contains 14 tracks + a cdrom track with the whole album in high-quality mp3 format and with "With No Hum@n Intervention" epk-video.

2003 Aborym live in Oslo (Inferno Festival), Groningen (Hol), Arnhem (Hol), Gent (Bel), Budapest (Hun), Milan (Italy). During the gigs in Milan and Oslo Bard G.Eithun played live with the band on stage. The band is now preparing the after With No Human Intervention album.

2005 This is the year of important changes for Aborym. Attila Csihar decided to join Mayhem again, after 7 years of cooperation, a strong friendship, hard suffering and amazing exciting eye-poppin results with Aborym. Because of the Mayhems intense live activity Aborym decided to not continue with Attila, who was replaced by Ravn Preben Mulvik aka Prime Evil (Mysticum/Amok) behind the microphones. No need to say the Prebens joining sounds incredibly exciting for Aborym cause Mysticum was and forever will be one of the pioneers in the Industrial Black Metal scene of the 90s and a great inspiration for Aborym too. Attila Csihar will appear for the last time in the new forthcoming Aborym album as guest in one track, in order to celebrate the majestic Aborym rising in 7 years of activity.

After his fundamental contribution from writing a few lyrics to doing some spoken passages in With No Human Intervention as well as playing with the band live (Oslo, London, Milan) Bard G.Eithun Faust (ex Emperor, now in Scum/Blood Tsunami) is now a permanent part of Aborym. For the first time Aborym is going to perform and experiments black industrial extreme metal with a real (great) drummer and it sounds like a new fashinating scenario for the band. An important and fundamental piece of the old glorious Emperor plays in Aborym now. And history is going to continue with a new insane chapter marked by Aborym.

Seth Teitan, guitar player in Aborym since the year of the re-union (1997), left the line-up according to the rest of the band. Of course Aborym are proud of all they did in those years with Seth and they totally stand up for it, but things changes and actually hes playing guitar with Dissection.

Aborym has signed a 2 albums contract . After passing through several offers coming from European and American labels the band decided to sign for Season of Mist Records, the most "quality black metal" label. Aborym is going to record the new album on April-May-June-July 2005 in Rome, with this new club-fighting and mind-crushing constellation of musicians: Malfeitor Fabban (bass guitar, synths, backin vox), Bard G.Eithun Faust (battery), Nysrok (guitars, synths), Prime Evil (vocals) + Attila Csihar as guest on one track.