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Also known as Seditious (1990-1991)

Country: Sweden
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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Formed in: 1990

1990-1994 Death metal
1995- Melodic death metal
2002 Gothenburg metal


1990-  Peter Tägtgren - guitars, keyboards, vocals
1992-  Mikael Hedlund - bass
2004-  Horgh - drums
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1992  Jonas Österberg - guitars
1992-1993  Magnus "Masse" Broberg - vocals
1992-2004  Lars Szöke - drums
2004-2006  Andreas Holma - guitars
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1996-2004  Mathias Kamijo - guitars
2006  Klas Ideberg - guitars
2009  Alexi Laiho - guitars
2010-  Tomas Elofsson - guitars
2013  André Skaug - bass
2011-2013  Tomas Elofsson - guitars


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It may come to some surprise just how prolific Hypocrisy have been over the years. For all the experience Peter Tägtgren has playing in bands and producing albums, it may however not come as a surprise that this latest instalment from the Swedish...   Review by Baz Anderson ››
16th February 2004 09:12 GMT
NASA Headquarters, Department of Extra Terrestrial Research

- Sir, we got something here!!
- Let me see... What is it?
- Only sound sir, it resembles something my brother calls death metal sir.
- Death metal? A declaration...   Review by Deadsoulman ››

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