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Margaux Bossieux

Guest musician

2007 Emigrate - guitar  
2014 Emigrate - backing vocals, lead vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 03.12.1984

Margaux Bossieux is a French expatriate in New York, former bassist of punk band Dirty Mary, and now singer, guitarist and bassist for his new project, Slippin Away.

She was the best friend of Richard for a long time, and then had a relationship with him, which jeopardized his marriage with his ex-wife, Caron Bernstein. Today, it seems that Richard and Margaux are officially together. A child even arose from this union.

Margaux is not an official member of Emigrate but she is a background vocalist on several songs of the two albums, and even sings a duet on Silent So Long. She regularly plays on the band's videos.