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Magnus "Masse" Broberg


1991-1993 Votary - vocals  
1992-1993 Hypocrisy - vocals  
1993-1995 Obscurity (SWE) - vocals  
1996-2010 Dark Funeral - bass, vocals (as Emperor Magus Caligula)  
2004-2008 God Among Insects - vocals (as Emperor Magus Caligula)  
2007-2012 Demonoid - vocals (as Emperor Magus Caligula)  

Live musician

2011-2016 Witchery - vocals (as Emperor Magus Caligula)  
2013-2014 Dark Funeral - vocals (as Emperor Magus Caligula)  

Guest musician

1993 Lobotomy - vocals  
2002 Sportlov - vocals (as Empy Caligula)  
2003 The Project Hate MCMXCIX - backing vocals (as Emperor Magus Caligula)  
2003 Vicious Art - backing vocals  
2006 Nervochaos - vocals (as Emperor Magus Caligula)  
2009 Sanctification - vocals (as Emperor Magus Caligula)  
2013 Spasmodic - vocals (as Emperor Magus Caligula)  
2016 Volturyon - vocals (as Masse Broberg)  

Personal information

Also known as: Emperor Magus Caligula
Born on: 23.05.1973

Emperor Magus Caligula (Magnus "Masse" Broberg, born 23 May 1973 in Ludvika, Sweden) is an extreme metal musician best known as the former vocalist, bassist and lyricist of Swedish black metal band Dark Funeral, performing for the band between 1995 and 2010. He has also been the vocalist of death metal bands Demonoid, replacing Christofer Johnsson, and Sanctification. He was the original vocalist for Hypocrisy and has featured in other extreme metal bands including Dominion-Caligula (with former Dark Funeral secondary guitarist Dominion) and God Among Insects. He has also performed backing vocals for the Swedish black metal band Sportlov.

In July 2011, Witchery announced Caligula was joining the band, replacing Legion.

Caligula is a practitioner of LaVeyan Satanism, and while he has on one hand distanced himself from National Socialist black metal, as well as the Nazi ideology and the "attitude at that time," he has also said that aspects of Nazi ideology were "not that wrong" and that the Nazi concentration camps were bad, but not "that horribly bad." Like many other black metal musicians, he has generally assumed an apolitical stance, although he expressed disdain for former Islamic terrorist leader Osama bin Laden with his audience when playing live. He has also denounced Roman Catholic priests due to widespread child molestation allegations.

Caligula was quoted as being "somewhat impressed" by the premeditated murder of Fr. Faustino Gazziero, a Catholic priest, by Dark Funeral fan Rodrigo Orias at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Santiago, Chile, further stating that "He deserves some credit. You're not supposed to say that, but I don't care." Although he suggested the possibility that "the music triggered him somehow," he denied Dark Funeral's music being the direct cause of Orias' murder of Gazziero.

Caligula also recalled having met Orias at a Dark Funeral concert in 2003, where he burnt a cross on Orias' arm at his request with a Cuban cigar.