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Michael "Mick" Kenney


1994-1996 Rot - guitars  
1998- Anaal Nathrakh - bass, guitars, programming (as Irrumator)  
1999-2008 Mistress - guitars (as Migg)  
2000-2008 Frost (UK) - all instruments (as Irrumator)  
2001-2010 Fukpig - drums, guitars (as Migg)  
2002-2007 Professor Fate - all instruments, vocals (as Mick Kenney)  
2004-2008 Exploder - guitars (as Migg)  
2009-2011 Sorrows - guitars  
2011- Monkeys Are Machineguns - guitars  
2011-2015 Suffer Well - guitars  
2013- FETO - all instruments, vocals  
2015- Miggiddo - keyboards, synthesizers  
2018- Born To Murder The World - bass, guitars, programming (as Mick Kenney)  
2020- Make Them Die Slowly - bass, guitars, programming (as Mick Kenney)  

Studio musician

2001 Siren Fall - drums  

Live musician

2010 Bleeding Through - guitars (as Mick Kenney)  

Guest musician

2003 Aborym - drums (as Irrumator)  
2016 Dawn Of Ashes - guitars (as Mick Kenney)  

Personal information

Also known as: Irrumator, Migg
Born on: 18.01.1980

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Michael Kenney (aka Migg, Irrumator) is a musician, artist, and producer from Birmingham, UK. He currently plays in extreme metal acts Anaal Nathrakh and Sorrows. His past bands include Frost (UK), Fukpig, Mistress and Professor Fate.

He has done cover art for bands such as Gorerotted, Napalm Death and Aborym.

He is the owner of Necrodeath Studios and co-runs FETO Records with Shane Embury of Napalm Death fame. FETO Records have released albums by Mistress, Lock Up, Cripple Bastards, Anaal Nathrakh, Frost (UK), Theoktony and Ramesses, among others.

Currently resides in Costa Mesa, California.