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Bård Guldvik Eithun


NA- Studfaust - drums  
1990-1992 Thorns - drums  
1992-1993 Emperor - drums (as Faust)  
2002-2005 Scum - drums (as Faust)  
2005- Blood Tsunami - drums  
2005-2014 Aborym - drums  
2009- Mongo Ninja - drums  
2013-2014 Emperor - drums  
2017- Djevel - drums (as Faust)  

Studio musician

2000 Ulver - drums  

Personal information

Also known as: Faust
Born on: 21.04.1974

Official website

Bård G. "Faust" Eithun is a Norwegian drummer best known for his work with early black metal band Emperor, especially on the album In the Nightside Eclipse. He also writes lyrics for other bands, including Zyklon.

Eithun was convicted of murdering a homosexual man in Lillehammer, Norway on the 21st of August, 1992. The victim was stabbed multiple times with a knife, and the murder occurred in a park that had held the opening ceremonies of the 1994 Winter Olympic Games. (Moynihan and Soderlind, 2003: 111) This was one of the two murders committed from the early Norwegian black metal scene, the other being the murder of Øystein Aarseth (Euronymous) by Varg Vikernes. Faust was released in 2003 after serving 9 years and 4 months of an original 14 year sentence.

He has contributed to magazines such as Slayer, Descent and Rock Furore among others, and had a larger role in Orcustus magazine between 1990 and 1992.

In 2007 he became the proud father of Liam Eithun and currently lives with his fiancée in an Oslo apartment.
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