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Blood Tsunami

20 fans
Country: Norway
Label: Soulseller Records

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Formed in: 2004

2004- Thrash metal
2004- Death metal
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2004-  Pete Evil - guitar, vocals
2004-  Dor Amazon - guitar
2005-  Bård Guldvik Eithun - drums
2011-  Carl "Calle" Janfalk - bass
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2004  Riff Randall - bass
2004-2005  Jay - drums
2004-2009  Pete "Bosse" Boström - bass
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Grave Condition is the fourth full-length album by Norwegian thrashers Blood Tsunami, but it was initially intended to be a 7" with only four songs. Among countless empty beer cans, scratched Slayer vinyls and denim jackets with large The Exploited patches, the band found some older unreleased material in their basement; suddenly they realised they had an album.   Review by nikarg ››

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