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Erik Rutan


1987-1993 Ripping Corpse - guitars  
1993-2002 Morbid Angel - guitars  
1995- Alas - guitars, keyboards  
1996- Hate Eternal - guitars, vocals  
2020- Cannibal Corpse - guitars  

Studio musician

2001 Internecine - guitars  

Live musician

2006 Morbid Angel - guitars  
2019 Cannibal Corpse - guitars  

Guest musician

1998 Ritual Carnage - guitars  
2002 Pessimist - guitars  
2006 Cannibal Corpse - backing vocals  
2006 In Battle - guitars  
2006 Cellador - drum programming  
2007 Lizzy Borden - guitars  
2009 Cannibal Corpse - guitars  
2010 Infernaeon - vocals  
2010 Annotations Of An Autopsy - vocals  
2010 Misery Index - vocals  
2012 Goatwhore - guitars  
2013 Ephel Duath - backing vocals  
2013 Fueled By Fire - guitars  
2015 Krisiun - guitars  
2016 Hannes Grossmann - guitars  
2016 Warfather - guitar solo, vocals  
2017 Cannibal Corpse - guitar solo, vocals  
2017 Saratan - guitars  
2017 Tombs - backing vocals, keyboards  
2020 Scour - guitars  
2022 Corpsegrinder - guitars  

Personal information

Born on: 10.06.1971


Erik Rutan (Born June 10 1971) is a former guitarist for Morbid Angel and Ripping Corpse. He fronts Hate Eternal on lead vocals and guitar, a four-piece brutal death metal band. Aside from being a highly regarded self-taught lead guitarist, he also runs his own recording studio in Florida (Mana Recording Studios), and is making a name for himself as a producer. He produced the latest Cannibal Corpse album (Kill), Six Feet Under album (Commandment),Through the Eyes of the Dead (Malice) and Goatwhore (A Haunting Curse). He rejoined Morbid Angel as guitarist for their European tour summer 2006. Morbid Angel stated the following on the reunion: "This will certainly be an exciting event with the 'Domination' lineup together for the first time in 10 years!"

In 2007 he produced the Vital Remains album Icons of Evil. He also produced Through the Eyes of the Dead's new album.

In addition to his work with legendary death metal artists, Erik has also done a number of different side projects that highlight different aspects of his playing. For example, he formed the group Alas with former Therion vocalist Martina Astner, releasing the landmark progressive metal album "Absolute Purity" in 2001. With female lead vocals, orchestral synths, and a heavy emphasis on harmony and melody, "Absolute Purity" was a definite departure from Rutan's usual songwriting approach and a testament to his versatility within the genre.

"Rutan" means "the square" in swedish.