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Country: Brazil
Label: Century Media Records

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Formed in: 1990

1990-Brutal death metal


1990-  Alex Camargo - bass, vocals
1990-  Moyses Kolesne - guitars
1990-  Max Kolesne - drums
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1990-1992  Altemir Souza - guitars
1994  Maurício Nogueira - guitars
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2015-  Kévin Paradis - drums
2011  João Gordo - vocals
2015  Erik Rutan - guitars

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From time to time albums come along such as The Great Execution to test the faith, or provoke reflection as to what you are actually looking for in your music. Judging from history it would be fair to assume that anyone slotting a Krisiun album into their...
Review by Baz Anderson ››
Another year, another Krisiun album, the Brazilian trio proved once more that they're hard workers and yet another time they recorded an album for the fans with a lot of surprises.
"Bloodshed" is a album with eight new songs recorded in...
Review by Undercraft ››

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