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Country: USA
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

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Formed in: 1990
Broke up: 1998-2002

1990-Brutal death metal


1990-  Terrance Hobbs - guitars
2004-  Derek Boyer - bass
2016-  Charles "Charlie" Errigo - guitars
2017-  Eric Morotti - drums
2019-  Ricky Myers - vocals
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1990-1993  Josh Barohn - bass
› 2002-2004  -//-
1990-1994  Mike Smith - drums
› 2003-2012  -//-
1990-1998  Doug Cerrito - guitars
1990-2018  Frank Mullen - vocals
1993-1998  Chris Richards - bass
1994-1996  Doug Bohn - drums
1996-2014  Dave Culross - drums
2003-2016  Guy Marchais - guitars
2014-2016  Kevin Talley - drums
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2012  Bill Robinson - vocals
2013  John Gallagher (I) - vocals
2013-2014  Kevin Talley - drums
2014-2016  Ricky Myers - vocals
› 2018-2019  -//-
2016-2018  Kevin Muller - vocals
1991  George Fisher - vocals
2017  Kevin Muller - backing vocals
2023  Frank Mullen - vocals

Latest reviews

Take my breath away.
Review by omne metallum ››
Four years after Pinnacle Of Bedlam and with two new additions in the line-up, drummer Eric Morotti and guitarist Charlie Errigo, Suffocation are back with a new album. The expectations from a band that has shown remarkable consistency in its output quality and has played an important part in shaping much of what death metal is today are always high. The question is if ...Of The Dark Light meets these expectations.
Review by nikarg ››
Suffocation; one of the names in death metal. So recognisable by their blastbeats alone, the band helped shape extreme metal we have today. A decade ago the band were reforming after their temporary split, and in 2006 reached their modern pinnacle with their fantastic self titled album. The lacklustre Blood Oath following up unfortunately fell far short of expectation, leaving an awkward four year gap between itself and our new Suffocation album Pinnacle Of Bedlam.
Review by Baz Anderson ››
Blood Oath is, quite sadly, rather mediocre and as a consequence - fairly boring. I don't think the intention of death metal is supposed to be inducing sleep; however, I found it terribly easy to nod off to Blood Oath on more than one occasion. And...
Review by jupitreas ››

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