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1997-  Paul Ryan - guitars, vocals
1999-2003  John Longstreth - drums
› 2006-  -//-
2001-  Mike Flores - bass
2011-  Jason Keyser - vocals
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1997-1999  Clint Appelhanz - bass
› 2005-2006  -//- guitars
1997-1999  Mark Manning - vocals
1997-2002  Jeremy Turner - guitars
› 2007-2011  -//-
1998  George Fluke - drums
1999-2001  Doug Williams - bass
1999-2010  James Lee - vocals
2003-2006  James King - drums
2010-2011  Mica Meneke - vocals
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2017  Jessica Pimentel - vocals

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Anyone play soccer or some other sport as a kid? Remember when the team went to the pizza restaurant after the game, and when the kiddies got bored they sat there and poured anything they could find on the table into one horrifying concoction? The salt, the pepper, the ice cream, maybe spit in the drink a bit for good measure.
Review by Mattybu ››
American death tyrants Origin are here with their eagerly anticipated follow-up to 2008's beast of an album Antithesis. New vocalist Jason Keyser has joined the ranks, but stylistically the band have not deviated from their previous musical path....
Review by Baz Anderson ››
Have you ever ordered a cheeseburger, let's Burger King... and right when you were adding the jalapeños (you know? after the first bite) you realize the cheeseburger is actually a regular burger? yes! without cheese!! Obviously you...
Review by Herzebeth ››

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