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Fleshgod Apocalypse


2007-2020  Francesco Paoli - drums, guitars, vocals
› 2020-  -//- vocals, guitars
2010-  Francesco Ferrini - piano
2020-  Eugene Ryabchenko - drums
2020-  Fabio Bartoletti - guitars
2020-  Veronica Bordacchini - vocals
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2007-2009  Francesco Struglia - drums
2007-2017  Cristiano Trionfera - guitars, vocals
2007-2024  Paolo Rossi - bass, vocals
2009-2017  Tommaso Riccardi - guitars, vocals
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2008-2009  Mauro Mercurio - drums
2011-2020  Veronica Bordacchini - vocals
2019  David Folchitto - drums
2009  Tommaso Riccardi - guitars
2013-2020  Veronica Bordacchini - vocals
2017-2020  David Folchitto - drums
2017-2020  Fabio Bartoletti - guitars
2020  Eugene Ryabchenko - drums
2023-  Ludovico Cioffi - bass
2008-2010  Francesco Ferrini - piano
2019  Fabio Bartoletti - guitars

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Imagine you're and old and deaf man. You once listened to music a lot, even composed it sometimes. On a hot summer night your dreams become weirder than ever, full of new unseen fantasies but cruel nevertheless. Was it a nightmare or a vision? And most of all... what is this shit all about? Well, mainly my thoughts on the new Fleshgod Apocalypse album seen from Beethoven's point of view, 200 years ago. Labyrinth indeed is not easily divided into its brutal and symphonic parts, it all makes it up to the one thing it has become. And that is already the first fact making it a better album than their previous record, Agony. The whole concept grew and the individual parts fit better together.
Review by Windrider ››
Ever wondered what would happen if you crossed the symphonies of Nightwish with a brutal death metal style? Well here's your answer; Fleshgod Apocalypse have gone from being one of the best underground death metal bands to one of the most over the...
Review by Baz Anderson ››

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