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1999-  David Haley - drums
1999-  Joseph "Joe" Haley - guitars
2005-  Jason Peppiatt - vocals
2018-  Todd Stern - bass
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1999-2005  Matthew "Chalky" Chalk - vocals
1999-2018  Cameron Grant - bass
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2004  Jason Peppiatt - vocals
2006  Mark Palfreyman - bass
2010  Zdeněk Šimeček - vocals
2015  Jason Keyser - vocals
2015  Samuel Guy - bass
2015-2018  Todd Stern - bass
2017  Lochlan Watt - vocals
2024-  Robin Stone - drums
2018  Amy Wiles - additional vocals
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2022  Jason Keyser - additional vocals

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I don’t like tech-death. The reason is that I don’t like the musicians’ masturbatory playing, and I don’t like music that suffers from ADHD. But I do like Psycroptic and their latest album, Divine Council.
Review by nikarg ››
An innate capacity of Psycroptic is their stability in studio variance. No record is a replication of those which preceded it, and each successively demonstrates the band's evolution without compromising the core integrity in their technical approach to death metal. A self-titled sees no change to this, yet it lacks the vigorous edge expected from an album bearing the band's own name.
Review by R'Vannith ››
The changes Psycroptic made from Ob(Servant) to this thing were significantly subtler than the ones from Symbols Of Failure to Ob. The Ob trajectory, and its emphasis placed on craziness over brutality, was followed for this, so if you didn't dig...
Review by wormdrink414 ››

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