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2006-  David "Dave" Davidson - guitars, vocals
2012-  Brett Bamberger - bass, vocals
2015-  Ash Pearson - drums
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2006-2012  Anthony Buda - bass, vocals
2006-2015  Phil Dubois-Coyne - drums
2010-2020  Dan Gargiulo - guitars, vocals
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2014  Jon Rice - drums
2014-2015  Ash Pearson - drums
2015  Alex "Rudy" Rüdinger - drums
2022-  Noah Young - guitars
2023-  Harry Lannon - guitars
2008  Patrick "Pat" Henry - vocals
2016  Marty Friedman - guitars
2022  George Fisher - vocals
2022  Trevor Scott Strnad - vocals

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Consistency can be a double edged sword. Sacrificing curious excitement for safe quality assurance. You probably don't need this review, or even to actually listen to this album, to know that the new Revocation is good. But it is this consistency that is likely the reason why Netherheaven is graced by a posthumous Trevor Strnad performance.
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Revocation's self-titled album released in 2013 left me thinking two main things. The first being (aside from "Spastic") it was bad, and the second being despite its badness, the people in this band have the potential to drop a cataclysmic shit-wrecking album that would do the thrash and death genres proper justice.
Review by Mattybu ››

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