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Quo Vadis

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Country: Canada
Label: Unsigned

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Formed in: 1992
Disbanded in: 2011

1992-2011Technical death metal


1992-2011  Bart Frydrychowicz - guitars, backing vocals
2003-2008  Roxanne Constantin - keyboards, backing vocals
› 2008-2011  -//- bass, backing vocals
2006-2011  Marc-André Gingras - guitars
2008-2011  Patrice Hamelin - drums
2010-2011  Matthew Sweeney - vocals
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1992-2002  Arie Itman - vocals, guitar
1992-2008  Yanic Bercier - drums
1995-2003  Remy Beauchamp - bass
2003-2006  William Seghers - guitars
2003-2008  Stéphane Pare - vocals
2003-2008  Dominic Lapointe - bass
2008-2009  Trevor Birnie - vocals
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2004  Steve DiGiorgio - bass
2005  Alex Auburn - guitars
2004  Oscar Souto - vocals
2004  Alexandre Erian - additional vocals
2005  Alex Auburn - guitars
2005  Daniel Mongrain - guitars

Latest reviews

In my treasure chest of Metal DVDs, Defiant Indoctrination is my most prized possession. Why? Simply because this DVD delivers a lot of great moments and the level of energy showcased is hard to ignore. The music itself is one of the most achieved technical...
Review by Dream Taster ››
This band is, first of all, the best technical death metal band ever!

This is Quo Vadis' first release with their new singer, Stéphane Paré. Having seen them live twice I can honestly say that he has the most energy live that I have...
Review by Herzebeth ››

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