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Also known as Allegiance (2005-2008)

Country: USA
Label: Metal Blade Records

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Formed in: 2005

2005-Technical death metal
2005-Melodic death metal
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2007-  Greg Burgess - guitars
2008-2015  Ezra Haynes - vocals
› 2023-  -//-
2013-  Michael Stancel - guitars
2017-  Brandon Michael - bass
2021-  Jeff Saltzman - drums
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2005-2009  Aaron Donoho - bass
2005-2013  Ryan Glisan - guitars
2006-2008  James Cummings - vocals
2008-2011  Jordon Belfast - drums
2009-2010  Mikey Papajohn - bass
2010-2017  Corey Archuleta - bass
2013-2020  Brandon Park - drums
2015-2022  Riley McShane - vocals
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2011-2012  John Paul Andrade - drums
2019  Christina Sandsengen - acoustic guitars
2012  John Paul Andrade - drums
2013  Curt Utley - bass
2013  Michael Stancel - guitars
2015  Riley McShane - vocals
2018  Chaney Crabb - vocals
2022  Ezra Haynes - vocals
2016  Benjamin "Ben" Ellis - guitars
2016  Björn "Speed" Strid - vocals
2022  Tommy Bonnevialle - piano

Latest reviews

Damnum, according to the promo materials, is the first Allegaeon album on which all band members creatively collaborated. Evidently, some of the previously unheard voices are big fans of Swedish metal.
Review by musclassia ››
How can you restrain yourself and write distinctive, enjoyable songs when you wield the unfathomable instrumental prowess of a technical death metal band? Many artists struggle to escape the technical rut, and we wind up with a lot more Malmsteens than Morellos in the process. For Allegaeon, it's not such a chore.
Review by ScreamingSteelUS ››
My first impressions of Allegaeon's new album, Elements Of The Infinite, were definitely strange. The album opens up an acoustic part, not all that strange in itself, but then morphs into this grandiose orchestral intro that sounds like the music to a God of War game with electric guitar arpeggios over it. Yikes...
Review by Mattybu ››

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