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Between The Buried And Me


2000-  Tommy Rogers - keyboards, vocals
2000-  Paul Waggoner - guitars
2004-  Dustie Waring - guitars
2005-  Blake Richardson - drums
2005-  Dan Briggs - bass
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2000-2002  Will Goodyear - drums
2000-2003  Nick Fletcher - guitars
2000-2003  Jason King - bass
2002-2003  Michael Howard - drums
2003-2004  Mark Castillo - drums
2004  Shane Blay - guitars
2004-2005  Jason Roe - drums
2004-2005  Kevin Falk - bass
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2007  Adam Fisher - vocals
2007  Graham Bennett - didgeridoo
2009  Chuck Johnson (I) - vocals
2012  Amos Williams - spoken word
2021  Mike Portnoy - drums
2021  Navene Koperweis - drums
2021  Ken Schalk - drums

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Even for a band with a history of album 'sequels', sticking 'II' on the end of your most celebrated album's title and making that the name of your new record is a bold move.
Review by musclassia ››
The past Between The Buried And Me albums saw the band slowly improving on their trademark style, honing their skills in small iterations and progressively becoming more interesting. Alaska, with its intelligent song writing and occasional bursts of genius,...
Review by jupitreas ››
I was attracted by this Cd mainly because the great cover art, has a very "artsy" feel to it, to be honest I wasn't sure what kind of music Between The Buried And Me played, and I didn't want to read any review of the album, so when...
Review by Undercraft ››

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